Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Ramdam Bar

In various cities worldwide, where numerous LGBTQ+ establishments are shutting down, there's a distinct trend in the French Riviera. Instead of closures, new businesses are not only emerging but thriving.

Ramdam Bar
in Nice stands out as one of these remarkable places. It goes beyond being just a bar; it embraces the concept of a vibrant, well-designed space that not only serves as a local showcase for artists but also attracts talent from across the country.

The venue also serves as a hub for a variety exhibitions, providing a platform for musicians and hosting meetings for various associations to engage in discussions on diverse topics.


Situated near the Port of Nice at 3 rue Lascaris, Ramdam Bar opened its doors in late November 2023, instantly gaining popularity with a diverse crowd.

Beyond the popular themed nights, such as DiscoBoy and Danceteria, Ramdam Bar aims to create an inclusive and entertaining atmosphere that caters to individual preferences. It's a safe space where you can bring your friends, or if you arrive alone, you'll quickly make new acquaintances.

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Come enjoy the fun!

Photos courtesy of Ramdam Bar

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