Monday, July 1, 2024

Bathhouse Babylon - Full Release


During whatever spare time I could find over the past hectic year, I rewrote Bathhouse Babylon for a final, full release.

When the first edition of the book was published in May 2021, it thankfully garnered global media attention for a solid year, and sales seemed to generate on their own long after.

Although I was pleased with how cathartic and interesting the process was, after some time, I believed I could make it even better.

I listened to feedback from friends and strangers who bought the book. With most of the requests from the LGBTQ community indicating a desire for more juicy scandal and sex stories.

So, I ventured deeper, and added a number of salacious chapters to provide even more bang for the buck.

Consider this a second cumming.

Drawing from my diaries and over 13 years of experience in the bathhouse industry across North America, Bathhouse Babylon offers an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at this unique world.

The book charts my journey from a regular customer to managing three gay sauna establishments, providing an insider's perspective that is as candid as it is captivating.

Bathhouse Babylon reveals the intricate subculture of bathhouses, a realm often hidden from the public eye.

Through vivid storytelling, it shares the unusual and shocking sex stories that are an integral part of this environment.

Yet, the narrative also delves into the sociological aspects, exploring the dynamics at play in a venue teeming with half-naked men in party mode. Topics such as drug use, money-driven owners, escorts, celebrities, diversity challenges, business competition, and sex addiction are examined in depth.

If you can imagine it, it happens in a bathhouse.

Bathhouse Babylon, can currently be found on Amazon as a paperback or ebook.