Friday, January 5, 2024

New Year, New Adventures


Let’s start 2024 with something slightly different that offers all kinds of possibilities.

Earlier this week, I was asked if I would like to attend a meeting about a commercial business in Nice.

Typically, I don’t deal with businesses for sale unless it has to do with hotels on the market in the French Riviera.

This property I was told may be of some interest to me, given my business history, knowledge of the local LGBTQ history, and its business owners. 

At the meeting, I was told about a property that I was immediately familiar with once I was given the current name. It is situated in a prime area of Nice highly frequented by those on holiday in the city.

It opened as a heterosexual nightclub just before the COVID-19 lockdown hit and struggled after the restrictions were lifted because, in my opinion, it was geared towards a certain genre of clubbers of which there isn’t a large degree in the city.

I noticed in the video and photos that extensive upgrades were made to the property towards every amenity possible which looks amazing, the nightclub just struggled though, again in my opinion, because of the lack of social media connections and the number of clients who would frequent this type of club space.

The agents asked if I knew the business history of the place, as all they knew was that it was a gay club.

Calling it a “gay club” is putting it mildly. The place initially opened in the late 90s as a gay cruising sex club with a full bar and was bought again in 2011, was completely updated and was in operation until about 2017 when the owner retired and closed the club which brought a lot of sadness to the community.

This gay establishment was always a popular place to attend and because of its location, it easily enticed visitors who were in the city so there was always a level of diversity amongst the crowd.

The agents knew that I used to manage bathhouses in North America and asked if I might be interested in buying it to open again. As extremely tempting as it is, I love my business in luxury real estate and I don’t get a day off as it is, so I can’t imagine giving up my nights as well.

But again, very tempted.

Beyond all the current technical and renovation updates to the property. The nightclub owners had sectioned off the wet areas from the nightclub space but kept them well-maintained as it was used as part of a spa service. The wet area includes a large jacuzzi, and Hamman, along with wet and dry saunas. The showers are still operational and all other bathroom facilities.

Above the nightclub where there were some cruising cabins when it was a gay sex club, those rooms have even been updated and they built even more of them, though only used the rooms for storage, also away from the nightclub space.

So basically, the club is almost set to go!

The LGBTQ community continues to grow in Nice with two bars that I will be writing about later this month having also just opened. Feel free to put the word out about this possible new gay space.

Here is my listing below:

Exceptional Investment Opportunity.

An exclusive 350 sqm nightclub nestled in the heart of a sought-after tourist destination in Nice is on the market. This multi-level venue boasts a well-designed floorplan, complete with a stylish bar and state-of-the-art sound system, featuring updated technical amenities.

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of this city, as this property offers versatile possibilities to cater to various lifestyle demographics and niches.

Benefit from the convenience of all necessary permits and licenses, allowing the club to operate until 5 am (rare permit).

It’s an investment with a revenue history that promises both a vibrant entertainment venue and a piece of the city’s rich cultural legacy.

Price: 1,300,000 EUR

Serious inquiries only, please.
More information, photos, videos, etc. available once the application is verified.

Contact Experience The French Riviera.

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