Wednesday, October 25, 2017

La Divine at KA Cannes

Cannes has not been traditionally known as a distinct gay travel destination but it is gay-friendly and it seems over the years that more and more restaurants, bars and nightclubs are becoming open-minded as to what the LGBT community can bring to an establishment.

One such business that has recently started a new event option in collaboration with members from the gay community is KA Cannes, a bar/lounge, world restaurant and nightclub all rolled into one who have graciously opened their doors to the local LGBT community.

And fortunately it appears as word gets out; the weekly events have been growing in stature.

KA Cannes is situated next to the port in Cannes at the Palais des Festivals (enter at the Casino Barrière, 1 boulevard de la Croisette). KA Cannes offers a variety of hospitality options in a sleek, modern environment with different areas to enjoy throughout the business, including the restaurant section (with a great array of food choices), bar/lounge, an expansive outside terrace that offers panoramic views of the city and of course the nightclub.

Weekly the “La Divine” LGBT event offers either one or multiple DJ’s , drag queens and performers who are highly recognized within  the community such as DJ/Drag star extraordinaire Mika Holly White and DJ Rita Warhol with the party starting at 7:30pm and going all the way until 5am.

Keep updated by joining the KA Cannes Facebook page for upcoming LGBT events!
Photos courtesy of KA Cannes