Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Le Six


From the moment you walk into Le Six you’ll feel like you have found a hidden gem in Vieux Nice.  As a more intimate-sized lounge, Le Six's personality seems to extend beyond it's physical confines.

Le Six

To find Le Six, head towards Vieux Nice (Old Town).  If you are near Place Masséna, walk towards the main fountain that has the newly replaced statue of Apollo in the center of it at the edge of Vieux Nice.  Walk behind the fountain and down the stairs towards Le Chateau, in the opposite direction of where Le Meridien is located.

You should now be on rue Alexandre Mari.  Walk about two blocks until you are at the cross street, rue Raoul Bosio.  Turn right towards the sea, and you will find Le Six on that block at: 6 rue Raoul Bosio.


Le Six is marketed as a gay-friendly club/lounge with the feel of being an intimate high end private club, just without the private club fees.  The clientele is predominately gay but everyone is more than allowed to join in the fun.


Once you step inside you’ll notice the club has a high-tech, metal-type decor gently mixed with the building’s original beauty and character.  Contrasted with the ornate ceiling, it seems to work style-wise.


Immediately to your right is the main bar and surrounding most of the rest of the space are the different lounge areas. 

But what really stands out is the impressive shower power room, where you will be witness to a variety of sexy dancers getting soaked, soapy and slowly stripping it off for your viewing pleasure.

Its one of the reasons I call this place a gem: you can see a lot from virtually any vantage point in the room.  And at it's busiest times, expect to be up close and tight with the other patrons, it's a quick way to make new friends.

If you wanted an even better view of the action, climb the stainless-steel ladders to the above loft, where plenty of guys go to dance, watch the crowd below, and get yet another view of the shower power show taking place. 

Drinks are reasonably priced and the staff are sweet and flirtatious.  Le Six’s hours of operation are Tuesday to Sunday from 10pm-2am, some nights until 5am.
You’re in the French Riviera, live a little. 

Le Six is a fun place to go if you want to set your night off before hitting the bigger clubs. 
It’s also one of those places where you could decide to just stay all night and never feel like you’re missing out on anything despite the abundance of other venues in the city.

Le Six gets packed quickly and judging from all the eye candy, that makes it very hard to leave.

Photos © Le Six

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink Parade

Here is what I like about the Pink Parade in Nice.
It feels very of the moment, natural and growing.

The difference I have found with the Pink Parade weekend in Nice compared to what I have experienced in North America is that it feels community minded once again, back to the roots.

In France, many of the basic equality rights we might take for granted in North America (and we all still have a long way to go), they are still fighting for around the country.

I also like the fact that it is not overly sponsored and full of promotions for whatever many circuit type parties might be happening that weekend.  Overall, it doesn’t seem so money based.

Of course the celebratory atmosphere is still there, and so are the hot party boys.

You’ll notice right away the Pink Parade involves everyone, meaning everyone is encouraged to participate ahead, along and behind the floats, together as one.

If you have missed this year’s Pink Parade, my suggestion would be to check out the AGLAE website, they are the ones who have helped put together Pink Parade in Nice since day one. 

The next Pink Parade will be held in Nice on Saturday, June 16, 2012!

The AGLAE was created on July 14, 2003.
Gay & Lesbian Association Azuréenne Expression
Organizer of NICE PINK PARADE since June 2004

AGLAE is responsible:

• To present and defend the interests of its members.

• To develop, for its members, any action to be taken into account the specific lifestyle of homosexuals.

• To promote gay culture (arts, entertainment, nightlife, relationships with others).

• Disseminate and inform its members in connection with the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Feel free to also stop by the new LGBT Community Center for any other information you might need, or click on the links below:

LGBT Community Center Website

Gay French Riviera LGBT Community Center Post

Here are some photos, information and video from this year’s Pink Parade!

The Pink Parade and events really only got underway in 2004, and every year the LGBT community gets together and is stronger than ever bringing strength and spirit to all the events.   Anyone is welcome to attend!

See you there in 2012!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Le Glam

Going to Le Glam means nothing but good times!
I honestly can’t remember ever having gone to Glam only to find it less than half full or lacking in any vibe and energy.

Glam has certainly hit it's mark with the club crowd.  It is one of those places where you can attend on your own or with friends and you’ll still meet a ton of people. 
You will find Glam if you go down rue du Maréchal Joffre, about three blocks west of avenue Jean Médecin until you see rue Eugene Emmanuel on your right.  Le Glam is near the corner at: 6 rue Eugene Emmanuel.

Inside the entrance to Glam is where you pay the cover to gain entry into the club, which usually includes a conso (drink).  I've personally found that half the time there isn’t even a cover charge; you are just greeted by the staff and allowed to go through.
Continue straight ahead from there and take the stairs down into the club itself.  When you are at the bottom landing, the coat check and washrooms are to your left and the actual club is to the right.

Glam is a large space with a high ceiling and cool lighting leaving you with a sense of being in an art gallery, just one that is packed with people dancing and having a great time.

Inside the club you will notice there is of course a dance floor, a superb sound system with beats coming from the DJ booth in the far right corner, and the main bar is to your left near the middle of the club with plenty of other areas to congregate or cruise around the space.

Glam holds a variety of events that are as diverse as their clientele and cater to every segment of the LGBT community.  The club is like a late night meeting spot for everyone.


I think that is one of the things I enjoy about Glam, it doesn’t seem to matter if it is one of their popular Bear events taking place, Cabaret or Pop Star events, everyone is welcome.  It’s not unusual to see drag queens, twinks, men in leather, lesbians and bear groups all together and having a great time.

The owners of the club bring in all types of DJ’s such as: Mademoiselle Lucy, Sebastien Coda, Tommy Marcus and Ben Crafter to name a few.  I’m always on that dance floor!

And Glam has attentive and hunky staff that certainly know how to handle the crowd with ease while quickly serving drinks.

The club is open from Wednesday to Sunday from about 9pm-4am.

It seems no matter what time of year it is; the owners of Glam are doing a fantastic job of keeping things consistently fresh and fun.

I very much recommend anyone of any sexuality check out Le Glam!