Thursday, October 11, 2018

Autumn in the French Riviera

Summer may have come to an end but the season seems to linger a lot longer in the region during the autumn months.

The French Riviera is truly a year round destination, with on average 300 days of sunshine a year, and it seems now that more and more people are visiting during what is considered the low season.

This is the time to discover the Cote d'Azur, here in autumn, it’s not unusual to still be wearing shorts and a t-shirt both day and night, many of the flowers are still in bloom with new ones thriving within their season, and the main tourist attractions such as the museums and art galleries feel less rushed and more enjoyable.

There are tons of fantastic hiking and biking trails to explore that offer varying ranges of difficulty making it ideal as part of your crossfit plan, of course there are many gyms around but why be outside when you can take advantage of the landscapes, vistas and be along the clear, blue Mediterranean sea.

Prices overall tend to be lower with a strong selection of goods available so break out those credit cards and go shopping at the numerous designer boutiques around. Restaurants and cafes offer more of a sense of relaxation, and are still wonderful for people watching and it also makes it a great time to try out the seasonal local food.

Many people also find the best reason to come here and relax to get away from their hectic life back home; it’s a fantastic way to recharge the soul. There are also those that arrive for writing or yoga retreats or even plan on buying a second home.
The nightlife is as usual still on in the LGBTQ community, making it a prime opportunity to mix and mingle with the locals on an evening out…this is a prime way to network with those that live in the region as well.
The vibe overall is more at ease. There’s no reason to rush, this is your chance to discover the French Riviera for yourself and totally immerse yourself within the surroundings. It’s good for the soul.