Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cargo Men's Spa & Club Marseille

Sometimes there is nothing better than to get away from the hectic outside world for a while and with that one of the options a gay man has is to go to a sauna.

Now be aware, not all saunas are created equal.  Some charge a lot to enter but seem to scrimp on the basics…the state of the towels usually being the first sign.  Other bathhouses are of superb quality and make you feel as though you are in a soothing, sexual oasis.

Quality would be the case with Cargo Men's Spa & Club in Marseille.

My first encounter with Cargo Spa was during a media tour given by LGP Marseille, when a group of us were leaving the community center one afternoon and heading towards the port, after taking a few steps, without even seeing any signage I instinctively knew we must’ve been outside a bathhouse.

Call it a former bathhouse manager’s intuition but I could tell by the outside of the space it had that discreet, privacy factor mixed with a unique ventilation system one just knows is needed for such an establishment.  I confirmed it with the individual in charge of the media tour and next thing I knew we were all going inside Cargo Spa.

Since we had a schedule to adhere too, we couldn’t stay long but the manager met with us immediately and we got to have a quick peek inside.  This just set up my curiosity level even more.
Having a few days in Marseille, and always up for some sort of adventure, I visited Cargo Spa on my own time.
Even if action isn’t what it’s always about for you in a bathhouse, Cargo Spa gives you the feeling of both worlds.  You can gauge a mood as soon as you enter, for me; first of all there was no attitude from either the staff or the clientele.
Once you are settled in, you could feel any stress you might have had drifting away.  And although this is one of the largest saunas in the region, with a space over four levels, it doesn’t feel barren no matter how many customers are in the establishment.  It is modern, clean and overall well-maintained.

There is a bar and lounge area for drinks on one level, next to another level that has a small pool.  If you choose, there always seems to be another section to venture around and cruise.  In no time you will come across the hot tub, steam room and on the upper level the small cabin rooms for more intimate encounters.
From the few visits I’ve had to Cargo Spa, the clientele seems to consist of a good mix of locals, a number of tourists with everyone from jocks to businessmen.  And take it from someone still learning French; language does not seem to be an issue.

Photos courtesy of Cargo Spa. Merci!