Sunday, September 22, 2019

September Secrets

There is a bit of a myth surrounding the month of September in the French Riviera. It appears to be perceived that as August comes to a close, so does this part of France. That cannot be further from the truth.

Lately through various conversations with locals and clients this month, one topic continually seems to come to light, that being why the month of September seems to be one of the best times to be in the French Riviera.

As soon as September 1st rolls around, the beaches day by day start to become more spacious yet the weather is still quite remarkable, traffic overall is better, there is less noise and places you expect to be completely crowded with tourists offer more room to move.

For those of us that live and work here, September for some can sometimes bring a slight sense of relief after a very busy season.

Here’s a secret. The month of September offers so much to those traveling to the French Riviera on business or just a last minute vacation to the region.

Prices overall whether it be for food at grocery stores tend to be lower, there are many clothing sales taking place, hotels, apartment and villa rental costs also tend be more economical.  If it's nightclubs and cruising bars you are after, they are in full swing all year round as are the after hours clubs. The terraces at the restaurants are all good to go without waiting and you will also be able to sample the various seasonal items on new menus.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the weather is perfect. No heatwave announcements to be concerned about, just ideal weather for swimming at any number of private, public and nude beaches, or tending to your favorite water sport plus the hiking trails are far less busy offering you ample room to take in the natural surrounding landscapes and vistas while perhaps stopping somewhere to enjoy a picnic uninterrupted.

This is the month the Cannes Yachting Festival takes place followed shortly by the Monaco Yacht Show bringing in a very international audience.

September is when it is said the region goes back to the locals, so whether you want to network with new business associates on a work trip or just meet those who live here while on holiday, this is the opportune time as there is a sense of people being more relaxed and not pulled in a myriad of directions since most who live here also work in the travel industry to an extent.

Living here, it can be rare to run into your friends until the season is over but along the way you also end up making new friends visiting the area.

Years ago, you could sense the end of season and the region used to feel like it was clearing right out of people and the whole region felt very quiet. Now due to what I think is the internet and how it has changed the workplace atmosphere meaning many people can work remotely and with varying holiday times. The French Riviera still feels very much alive and full of opportunities.

So for a pleasant change, why not break the usual vacation trend and find your own true experience of the French Riviera by visiting in the month of September.  You won’t regret it.