Sunday, December 15, 2013

Morgan Hot Cruising Bar

With an abundance of gay nightlife available in the French Riviera, going out for the evening can sometimes require a little planning, especially in a city like Nice where you can check out any number of gay hotspots given your mood.

One of the places I recommend you add to your list of night activities (if not the entire night) is the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar!

Morgan Hot Cruising Bar

Cruising sex bars can be a dime a dozen, sometimes the bar will be crammed full of men drinking with little to no action taking place in the actual cruising section.  Or the opposite can happen where the cruising section is busy but not feeling altogether that clean or even safe at times and the bar area itself is devoid of people.

The Morgan Hot Cruising Bar in Nice is neither of those.  I love the anticipation of going into any type of club for the first time, and I have to say, the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar hits all the marks on exceeding your expectations once inside.

Located not far behind the High Club, the outside of the building that houses the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar is on the street level of a quieter, residential building so there is a sense of discretion.

My first impression upon entering the club was that it is clean and noticeably well maintained.  And the first person I happened to meet that night was the owner himself, a very charming man to converse with and helpful in the way he gently let me know that it was a naked event night.

This was totally fine with me.  I paid the small fee, stripped down, submitted everything to coat check and I was ready to go!

Without giving away too much detail so that you can experience that adventure for yourself, I'll just give you a brief description.

The club is far larger than it appears on the outside, the space inside does feel like it is split into two large cruising areas once you are past the entrance.

You'll find there is a bar where you can purchase reasonably priced drinks, sound system to get you in the mood, flat screen TV's providing all sorts of porn and plenty of play areas.  And at the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar, safe sex is also strongly encouraged.

The front of the club has a laid back feel to it with the bar area, cozy, semi-circular lounge sofas with a smattering of stripper pole tables and fetish hardware in which special guests are sometimes flown in from Paris to demonstrate a full on sex act.  Or if you are an exhibitionist yourself, you can take to one of the vinyl covered stages in this erotic atmosphere on your own or with a friend (or two).

Take a step up into the back area of the club and cruise the hallways where basically anything you can imagine can come to fruition.  There are glory hole booths, small private booths, throw in a sling rack or two, shower facilities in the wet area and a few dark play rooms to explore.

On my visits I noticed a more international clientele, the local residents certainly seem to mix well with the other men that are in Nice from around the world and there really seems to be a type for everyone.  Age, weight, ethnic race and background, it truly doesn't matter.

One of the many things I enjoy about the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar is the variety of themed event nights.  If you don't know what is going on before you arrive, when you enter the premises and before you pay, you are told what the name of the game is for the evening.  Just go for it!

A favorite of mine is the Cagoules Sex & Naked Party (balaclava & naked) night, I never knew I could get into that kind of thing but apparently I am.  There is never a pressure to participate in these events, but you would kind of feel out of place (and really stand out) if you didn't.  You'll certainly discover more about yourself and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Not being the kind to usually wear a hood, the one I was given at the entrance was very light and breathable, with only that on and being naked, it certainly doesn't take long to get into the thick of the action and it presents an air of mystery that everyone really seems to get into.

What I also like is that the owner and his staff are very imaginative with the space.  As it appears most of the furnishings and fixtures in the club are completely interchangeable for a fresh take on the environment and ever-changing, fully equipped events.

Open 10pm until late, Tuesday to Sundays, whatever you are into, whatever you are about, the Morgan Hot Cruising Bar will certainly satisfy all those needs.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Le Cannet


Many people that come to the French Riviera usually make sure to either stay or visit the film festival city of Cannes as part of their travel agenda, but I wonder how many have also discovered the charms of Le Cannet, the small artists’ village in the hills above Cannes?

I have been through the large sections of Le Cannet a number of times before for various reasons, and for the most part thought of it as a nice residential type suburb of Cannes.

But it wasn’t until I got to meet someone special for a dinner date one evening in the original, historic neighborhood of Le Cannet that my feelings on the area had changed.

Since it was my first time to this part of Le Cannet, I was simply told we could meet up in front of the Hotel de ville (town hall) and that I would know it when I saw it, being an architectural buff, it was easy enough to spot this grand building, even at night.

Upon arrival I was immediately entranced, not only with the company I was keeping but also with it being such a beautiful evening, the stars in the sky and serene sense in the community instantly brought with it an air of romance.

When we started to stroll through the area, we came upon the Musee Bonnard, I loved the mixture of old and new architecture of this building and on later visits discovered this is a superb museum to explore.

I was then guided on to one of the many pedestrian paths behind the Musee Bonnard; I was to discover this is part of the main historical area.

My friend was very good at telling me about his experiences here, given that his family has an estate close by and how he spent many of his summers as a child in this part of Le Cannet, I can only imagine how ideal that must have been growing up.

Having no set plans before dinner, we took our time walking around the neighborhood where I was pleasantly surprised to see so many unique artisan shops along with a wide variety of restaurants.

It was also refreshing that this area didn’t seem to be overrun with tourists; it was away from the hustle and bustle of a city and had a relaxed, local atmosphere.  You could tell the neighbors here all seemed to know each other.

One spot you will no doubt stumble upon is Place Bellevue, I simply adore this area; scenes from movies should be shot here.

It is under the shade of the immense trees in this square that a number of the restaurants expand their table capacities and share the same space for everyone to enjoy a lovely outdoor afternoon lunch with panoramic views over the city of Cannes out to the sea, and in the evening it would be hard pressed to find a more romantic place to be.

Many times since that first visit I have been back to Le Cannet, and getting here could not be easier, from the Cannes Train Station just take the #1 Le Cannet bus and in approximately 10-15 minutes you will be in front of the Hôtel de ville where a bus stop is located.

From there you will find most of the pedestrian walkways are behind the Hôtel de ville and as long as you are up for a sense of adventure, you won’t even need a map to find your way around.

Every time I visit Le Cannet I learn more about the area, I love the mix of modern and historic buildings, the quaint shops and especially the people.

 Merci M.S. ♥

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boutique Apollon

In the vibrant “Petit Marais” district of Nice, an abundance of trendy shops and restaurants can be found, and one of my favorite places to visit is the Boutique Apollon.

Whenever I am in the neighborhood there always seems to be an enticing array of sexy underwear and beachwear on display in the windows at Apollon.

In conversation with the owner’s beautiful daughter Mandy one afternoon, I was told the boutique opened in October of 2007 by her mother because at the time there seemed to be a lack of selection when it came to quality men’s underwear, swimwear amongst other clothing items in Nice and I tend to agree with that sentiment.

This quaint, fully stocked store maintains a varied and ever changing collection so you’re sure not to encounter the same item twice when stocking up from season to season.  Name brands such as: Barcode Berlin, Addicted, Arthur Club and Modus Vivendi to name a few are available in every taste and size.

Apollon is a shopper’s heaven.  It’s the one stop shop for not only underwear and swimwear but there are also those edgier pieces in the form of club wear if you were looking for something when attending a social event at one of the gay establishments in the city.  And you will also be able to find casual and sportswear pieces for outdoor activities or for the gym.


As the Boutique Apollon Facebook page suggests, you’ll find a mix of chic and naughty items available.

So if you are in Nice, be sure and stop by Apollon, for a small boutique it provides a big punch!

As of 2018 Boutique Apollon has now closed.