Sunday, June 30, 2013

Le Bar B*tch & Le Bar Butch

Vieux Nice, known for its historical buildings, charming shops and markets, fabulous restaurants, and array of bars and nightclubs just got even livelier with the addition of two new gay bars within the heart of its vicinity.

Sitting on the edge of Place Rossetti, the owners of the Rainbow Power Group, along with their friend, the DJ Drag Star Mika have recently opened up Le Bar B*tch and Le Bar Butch directly across from each other at 1 & 2 rue Rossetti.

Le Bar Bitch

Le Bar Butch

On one side of the street you have Le Bar Butch, meant to attract the meatier, more leather and jeans type of crowd, a place where the men like their drinks strong and their men even stronger.

Across the way (as if you could miss it) is Le Bar B*tch, here you never know what to expect.  This place could be considered fashionista central, where the drinks are a touch more colorful and so are the crowds.

Having both establishments across from each other is like having the best of both worlds.

Afternoons at Le Bar B*tch and Le Bar Butch are a perfect time to relax with a drink and a bite to eat on one of the terraces while you watch the world go by.  And if you want to meet the locals, this is also turning out to be the where everyone is going for an apéro (the French equivalent of cocktail hour) after work.
During the evening a whole new vibe takes over, as now that both businesses have settled in nicely a number of themed events take place during the week.

After all, the owners are known in the French Riviera for their abilities of putting on a party so before you know it you could be in the midst of an impromptu drag show with rue Rossetti becoming a runaway full of crazy antics all leading to a night of fun.

Open every day of the week from 2pm until 12:30am, no matter which bar you choose to hang out at, both establishments are well stocked and the friendly, attentive staff flow seamlessly between the spaces keeping the show on the go while welcoming anyone who wants to stop by.

Sadly, it was announced today (March 28, 2018) that Bar Bitch is closing. Hopefully they will be back in time for summer or at another location.

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Bar B*tch & Bar Butch