Tuesday, August 16, 2022

R for Diversity Beer

Calling all beer lovers!

Meet Daniel Tristant. The man behind the fierce and fabulous beer, R for Diversity!

Daniel has a strong passion behind the craft of beer making and the LGBTQ community and continues to prove his love and support in all he does in France.

I had the pleasure to interview Daniel about R for Diversity but first, a bit about the beer itself.

R for Diversity is a committed brand that offers craft beer while upholding the values of the LGBTQI+ community.

The letter "R" simply comes from the first letter of the Rainbow flag we are all familiar with and which has largely inspired the brand.

"Diversity" is also essential as a representation of everyone no matter your gender or sexual orientation.

Daniel is proud to produce a beer that is committed to donating a portion of the profits to LGBTQI+ projects and associations.

Why did you choose to work with a beer-based product?

R for Diversity was started in November 2019, and with a statement. During many LGBTQ events and pride marches in which I participated in both France and abroad. I noticed that many international beer brands were present to do business but without ever having a real commitment to LGBTQI+ diversity.

The idea came to me that I would create a beer brand that would be clearly committed to LGBTQI+ diversity and that each year I would give a part of the profits to associations or projects that would fight against discrimination.

Is R for Diversity produced locally in the French Riviera?

R for Diversity is produced in the small village of Peille in the backcountry of Nice in the Cote d'Azur. It is made from specifically selected hops and malts. The result is a blond beer of Vol. ABC 5% with a pleasant light floral small and a slightly bitter taste.

Have you had good feedback and support from the LGBTQ community for your beer?

Yes, I have had very good feedback on the beer with a growing success rate. Strangely it has had more success in the heterosexual community because they seem to be more knowledgeable about beer than the LGBT community who seem more interested in the concept of giving back to LGBT associations.

I have seen your beer bottles in local grocery stores, does R for Diversity exist in any other products like cans or kegs, and what are the available formats?

Indeed, the beer is available in 3 formats and sizes. There are the bottles that you can find in stores, the keg for draught beer in bars and restaurants, and cans for big events and festivals.

Outside the stores, where can one find R for Diversity beer? Online?

During the Covid19 pandemic, we put the product on my website where you can also order the beer. There, you will also find the whole range of beer and glassware with the brand logo.

Is R for Diversity beer available in bars and nightclubs in the region?

Yes, we work closely with the establishments in the French Riviera where you can find the beer in many bars, restaurants, and clubs. And not only in the LGBT businesses so don't hesitate to ask for it in the establishment you are at.

Do you have any future plans for the beer? Any other flavors you are working on or anything you would like to tell the public about?

Our plans are the make R beer a brand for LGBTQ diversity. We have already put in a lot of work with this specific lager so at the moment we are going to hold off on other flavors. Although we are looking for collaborators in major cities in France and abroad to continue to develop the brand so please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Thank you for your time Daniel to speak about your exciting brand of beer!

You can find R for Diversity at many local establishments and through the links posted throughout this article.

Enjoy and drink responsibly everyone!

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