Saturday, August 27, 2022

An Evolution for Gay French Riviera

A change is coming.

For quite some time now I have found this platform, Blogger, to be outdated, finicky, and overall limited in its capacity concerning what I would like to showcase for others.

Along with the fact that META, on many of it's platforms will not allow for any Gay French Riviera links to be posted as they assume it is unsafe sexual content.

*insert eye roll here*

With that in mind, since there seems to be a myriad of changes coming about in my life, I
thought it was time to expand upon Gay French Riviera.

This website will still be regularly updated but I will also be posting articles about the LGBTQ community in the Cote d’Azur and Monaco and beyond on my new Substack page.

One idea is I’ve also always wanted to update previous articles I have written on Gay French Riviera
in the past 11-plus years with new information for a new audience in a “where are they now” type of format, and also post them on Substack.

And I plan on writing about a whole other range of subjects about the
lifestyle here in France from my own experiences.

My business, Experience The French Riviera has
also continued to grow and change, especially since the ending of the Covid19 pandemic and in ways I never imagined, which is why another business of mine, Riviera Envy is under development. With all of this happening, it was just time to expand to another medium for everyone.

So please make sure to subscribe to my new Substack account. It’s going to be an interesting journey.

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