Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fête de la Musique

One of my favorite holidays in France is Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) on June 21st.  It is a cultural event started in 1982 of a music celebration to mark the beginning of the summer solstice.

These popular and free festival events usually start from midday until midnight (I’ve attended some that go all night) and are held everywhere from local villages to the largest of cities.  It would be hard not to stumble upon a musical get together on street corners, parks and in city squares.

It’s a wonderful way for people in communities from all backgrounds to get together to listen to a wide range of music such as: classic, world music, techno and rock that is played by both amateurs and professionals with a number of DJs getting into the mix.

Although you will be able to go basically anywhere in the French Riviera to enjoy this holiday, this year I would like to focus on the festivities in Nice as they have been so much fun in the past and because in the region this seems to be the place where a greater LGBT presence can be found.

The main celebrations will be held in Place du Pin on rue Bonaparte in Nice and are presented by the local LGBT Community Center and the Dolly Party Group who put on some of the best parties around France, this will be dance music central and expect to see thousands of people in attendance.
The local gay and gay-friendly establishments that happen to be along rue Bonaparte such as: Malabar Station Cruising Bar, Gossip Bar and Pulp Fiction stay open and celebrate by extending their businesses right out on to the street to serve food and liquor making this an even more enticing hot spot.

If you get the chance to attend a Fête de la Musique event, do not hesitate.  It’s like you can feel an atmospheric change surrounding these events that is unsurpassed.  You will never see so many smiling, happy people in your life and it’s a perfect way to meet new friends.

And with those new friends, continue on with the party at various LGBT nightclubs as they hold special after hours events.  It’s a night filled with fun and love.

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