Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phare et digue (Lighthouse & Breakwater)

One of the many outdoor locations in the city that is known for gay cruising is at the head of the Port of Nice at Phare et digue, or Lighthouse and breakwater.

Given it's location and purpose, means you take your own risks when cruising.  That said, on one of the many hot and sunny days in Nice, you might just find some action with a sexy local or two tanning.

As you can tell in the above picture, there is a very long breakwater to protect the Port, but getting there couldn't be simpler.

If you are coming from the main beach area of Nice, just follow Promenade des Anglais until it turns into Quai des Etats-Unis going West and around Le Chateau.  As it is going around Le Chateau the street turns into Quai Rauba Capeu.  When you see the gigantic Monument aux Morts on your left, you will also see the lighthouse and breakwater to your right.

Walk through the parking lot (and past most of the tourists) to proceed along the breakwater.  The water is brilliantly blue, although I wouldn't advise swimming there as the currents seem strong.

The cement blocks are called, Pains de Savon or 'Blocks of Soap' as that is what they resemble.

Please be very careful when maneuvering around the breakwater.  Although there are hand ladders and steps along the way, some areas do not have these supports in place. 

You won't be able to tell where an exact gay area might be and having only been there a couple of times myself, just look for the hot guys usually congregating in Speedos (or even less) and find an area to lay in the sun near their vicinity.

The breakwater blocks are insanely huge and can be tricky to get around, but they are also big enough for you to sprawl yourself and belongings on.

As for action, well that's all part of the adventure of cruising, isn't it?  Some days can be hit, some days miss.

Even if cruising is not your thing, it's still a great place to tan and relax in the sun enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Le Méridien Hotel - Nice

If you're looking for a place where everything is right outside your hotel's doorstep and still want a peaceful night's sleep, then I highly recommend a visit to Le Méridien in Nice.

Le Meridien Nice

What a great hotel!  From the moment I arrived by taxi, the porter practically jumped to help me with my luggage and I was promptly checked in.

Le Méridien is a nine story, four star hotel with over 300 rooms situated right across the street from the main beach of Nice.  Your choice in room size ranges from the Classic Room to the Presidential Suite.

The Classic Rooms overlook the large hotel courtyard which can be a standard with any European type hotel room.  If you were looking for a room with more of a view, I would suggest you try one of the many other outside rooms they will have available for you. 

A complete renovation of Le Méridien in Nice was completed in 2008, and by all appearances the management seem to take the maintenance and cleaning of the hotel seriously.

They have done a great job with the interior design, keeping things fresh with an overall classic feeling.  There seems to be an underlying tone of luxury and leisure in the color choices used throughout the hotel and with the rooms themselves.

As for location, this is one of the best in Nice.  What could be easier to find than: 1 Promenade des Anglais?

Le Méridien is along the seaside and is instantly recognizable.  Taxi stands are right outside the hotel, the tram is approximately two blocks away and the buses are also very close by.

Be sure to visit La Terrasse Restaurant on the roof of Le Méridien right next to the pool area.  It is the best place anytime of the day to have a refreshing and relaxing meal.  You'll be in the heart of the city, yet you'll feel away from it all.

Even if you aren't hungry, make sure you head to the top of the hotel anyway, you will get to see some of the most spectacular views of the city!  And I'm not just talking about the hot guys tanning by the pool.

You will also find within Le Méridien a lounge bar, a fitness center, spa and conference centers.

In the summer evenings, with the park being directly across the street, there is an outdoor concert hall where you might faintly hear the sounds of live jazz music or an orchestra playing.  At decent enough hours of course, it's a lovely and very sweet sound in the summer night air.

If you are trying to decide on a hotel to stay at, keep in mind everything you could want is within close proximity to Le Méridien: tons of shopping, most of the gay bars and clubs, the beach, etc.

Le Meridien Webcam

And I have found the staff of Le Méridien to be fantastic!  They speak many different languages, are very pleasant, patient and helpful.  They'll give you tips and ideas on what to go see in Nice, restaurants to try out, local events...

Le Meridien is another gay-friendly option in Nice.  Be sure to book early!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Connected with Le Traxx to the right of the building is X-Cube, a cute little lounge bar where you can grab a drink and hang out.


X-Cube has a clean and cool decor with a laid back ambiance.

Expect to see a set up like a small art gallery, part deco, with a high tech feel and yet oddly, it's like a neighborhood lounge.  They have DJ's spinning the latest, free wi-fi, drink specials and even go-go dancers.

X-Cube's address is:13 avenue du Marechal Foch.  Just like with getting to Le Traxx, head for avenue Jean Médecin towards the train station until you are at the cross street of avenue du Marechal Foch.  Then walk about four blocks east until you see X-Cube at:13 avenue du Marechal Foch.

You'll find X-Cube has a great atmosphere and being next door to Le Traxx, who knows what the night will bring?

X-Cube is open seven days a week from 2pm until 3am.

Unfortunately as of late 2012, X-Cube has closed for business.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Le Traxx

Nice has such a variety of gay venues to offer that there is certainly an easy way to find something to attract any individual's taste.  One such place (of many) I am going to suggest is a sex club called Le Traxx.

 Le Traxx 

Le Traxx is a very unique and well maintained club for some man to man action.  Housed by a receptive and discreet staff, you'll feel comfortable and ready for some fun as soon as you arrive.

Finding the club is very straightforward.  Just make your way to avenue Jean Médecin towards the train station until you arrive to the cross street; avenue du Marechal Foch.  Walk east down avenue du Marechal Foch about four blocks until you see Le Traxx on your left hand side at: 11 avenue du Marechal Foch.

As soon as you enter Le Traxx, you will be in the check-in area where you will pay about 8 euros to stay and explore amongst two floors levels for as long as you want. 

Once you have made your way into Le Traxx you will find a labyrinth with rooms to use, glory holes, slings, prison set up, dungeon, etc.  You get the idea.

The crowd seems to be quite varied, but I've noticed business types, some of the leather crowd and lots of guys in their 20's and 30's.  Everyone is casual in their approach, they find what they want and go for it.

Now that you're inside Le Traxx, it's up to you to decide how you want things to go, with any venue it can sometimes be hit and miss.  Wednesdays are especially popular as it is a naked night event.  But I've been told that generally evenings are the busiest any night of the week.

Le Traxx is open seven days a week from 2pm-3am, and on Fridays and Saturdays it stays open until 5am.

Play safe!

Unfortunately as of late 2012, Le Traxx has closed for business.