Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phare et digue (Lighthouse & Breakwater)

One of the many outdoor locations in the city that is known for gay cruising is at the head of the Port of Nice at Phare et digue, or Lighthouse and breakwater.

Given it's location and purpose, means you take your own risks when cruising.  That said, on one of the many hot and sunny days in Nice, you might just find some action with a sexy local or two tanning.

As you can tell in the above picture, there is a very long breakwater to protect the Port, but getting there couldn't be simpler.

If you are coming from the main beach area of Nice, just follow Promenade des Anglais until it turns into Quai des Etats-Unis going West and around Le Chateau.  As it is going around Le Chateau the street turns into Quai Rauba Capeu.  When you see the gigantic Monument aux Morts on your left, you will also see the lighthouse and breakwater to your right.

Walk through the parking lot (and past most of the tourists) to proceed along the breakwater.  The water is brilliantly blue, although I wouldn't advise swimming there as the currents seem strong.

The cement blocks are called, Pains de Savon or 'Blocks of Soap' as that is what they resemble.

Please be very careful when maneuvering around the breakwater.  Although there are hand ladders and steps along the way, some areas do not have these supports in place. 

You won't be able to tell where an exact gay area might be and having only been there a couple of times myself, just look for the hot guys usually congregating in Speedos (or even less) and find an area to lay in the sun near their vicinity.

The breakwater blocks are insanely huge and can be tricky to get around, but they are also big enough for you to sprawl yourself and belongings on.

As for action, well that's all part of the adventure of cruising, isn't it?  Some days can be hit, some days miss.

Even if cruising is not your thing, it's still a great place to tan and relax in the sun enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

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