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Monaco Grand Prix Travel Tips


One of the biggest weekends of the year is upon us with the upcoming Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix taking place from May 24th to 26th.

Planning on how you will get in and out of Monaco during this time is key to having the best experience.

To accommodate the races and the thousands of fans who attend over the three-day event, numerous roads are closed, most of the car parks are closed, and access to certain areas of the Principality is significantly restricted for both drivers and pedestrians.

Which means, driving into Monaco by car or taxi during the Grand Prix can easily take two or three hours or more.

Big tip: don’t bother driving as once you finally arrive, you will spend almost as much time trying to find a place to park and will likely have to walk a considerable distance to the race tracks.

Public Transit

Bus services have already increased this year due simply to tourist demand. The bus from Nice might take longer than the train, especially with the additional traffic and congestion during the event, but it remains a viable alternative and quite scenic.

There are various bus routes available, including the Ligne Express 80 from Nice Airport and the 602 from the Vauban bus station in Nice to the Casino in Monaco. Additionally, the new 600 bus line runs from Nice to Menton via Monaco and back.

The train journey from Nice to Monaco takes about 22 minutes. During the Grand Prix weekend, trains will depart from Nice approximately every 15 minutes and cost less than €5 if booked in advance.
The first train departs at 5:40 am, and the last trains back from Monaco on May 25th and 26th are scheduled for 11:51 pm—perfect if you want to stay a little later in the Principality.
For both the trains and buses, expect lineups and plenty of people in general so leave earlier for your arrival to Monaco.

Taxis, Uber, Bolt

Another option is to travel to and from Monaco using a taxi or ride-hailing services like Uber or Bolt, though this can be more complicated than it seems as there are various rules.

Monaco-registered taxis can only pick up passengers within the Principality, as there is no agreement permitting them to collect passengers from French territory.

Car service drivers from France can collect and drop off passengers inside Monaco, but only if they have an official vignette. With only 320 of these permits available, the demand for taxi and ride-hailing services is high, resulting in elevated prices.

Alternatively, you can still take an Uber or Bolt (expect to pay premium rates) into Cap d’Ail, as an example, and make your way into Monaco by foot. Taxis in general in France are more expensive than Uber or Bolt.


Flying from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport to the Principality takes just seven minutes from helipad to helipad, making it unquestionably the fastest and most stress-free way to reach the action.

But again, book ahead.

Taking a scenic flight is a great alternative. Blade, owned by Monaco-based Monacair, offers rates starting at €550 on May 24th, 25th, and 27th, with prices for "Race Day" flights on May 26th starting at €650.


As odd as it sounds, it can be done. One example is, if you can make your way to the heart of Cap d’Ail then a leisurely walk into Monaco can take around 30 minutes.

Monaco itself has an area of 2.1 km2 (0.81 sq mi), or 208 ha (510 acres), making it easily accessible by foot, even with the street restrictions in place for the Grand Prix.

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