Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Rencontres In&Out - Festival du Film Queer 2024

It's once again that time of the year for the 16th edition of the Festival du Film Queer de Nice, scheduled to run from April 18th to the 29th.
Since 2009, the In&Out Film Festival has been a staple in Nice, expanding to Cannes in 2012 and Toulon in 2020.

At the heart of the Nice association, two main lines of force in permanent interaction at the heart of its activist commitments: the prevention of sexist and LGBTphobic violence, and the defense of queer cultures
on the other.

The association intervenes in schools, offers training for adults and organizes film festivals.

Les Ouvreurs operates with the idea of ​​collective work and are members of several associative networks from different backgrounds: the Collective for the fight against AIDS of the Alpes-Maritimes; COREVIH PACA-Est, and the LGBT PACA Coordination.

They have also participated in the creation of the Collectif Fierté Toulon, which has organized the Toulon Pride March since 2020 and are at the origin of the creation of the Educational Network against LGBTphobia of the Nice Academy alongside CRIPS SUD.

The mission of the association is in accordance with their statutes, the aim of Les Ouvreurs is:

  • to implement the different editions of the In&Out Cinematographic Meetings, Queer Film Festivals in Nice, Cannes and Toulon, which present well-known or rarer films exploring themes linked to sexualities,

  • to lead School Interventions (IMS) in Nice academy establishments, around issues of gender and sexual orientation, which are still little or poorly addressed,

  • to offer training for adults around the themes of “Sexualities and discrimination”, in order to better understand and know how to act in all circumstances,

  • to organize and participate in cultural events relating to the dissemination of Queer culture, the fight against AIDS/STIs or raising awareness of discrimination linked to sexualities

  • to promote, cultivate and enhance LGBT experience and contribute to history, particularly for those from the Riviera.

What is on offer during the Rencontres In&Out - Festival du Film Queer?

★ 10 days of festivities (screenings, exhibitions, live shows, readings & evenings, etc.)
★ around 40 films screened each year (feature films, documentaries and short films).
★ a community of +4,000 movie fans that continues to grow every year.

For more information and tickets contact Les Ouvreurs.

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