Sunday, November 12, 2023

New Life to the Port of Nice


New visuals of the future Palais des Congrès at the Port of Nice were unveiled at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

Offering wide sidewalks with terraces, more garden space offering panoramic sea views along with the planting of large Mediterranean trees, plus the development of an auction area for fishermen, and enhanced areas for commercial enterprises such as restaurants and cafes.

Here, it was announced a year ago that a rejuvenation of the port would take place with a new sleek building on the Quai Infernet of Port Lympia.

The project, resulting from broad consultation with the inhabitants and the professionals during which 710 proposals were collected, includes a scientific and technical cultural center of 5000 m2.

It will include a coral conservation city and offer immersive exhibits. “It is a major asset for the candidacy of Nice European Capital of Culture”, argues the elected official. “A unique positive energy dyke in the Mediterranean, producing local renewable energy thanks to the sea” is also in the cards. In short, a big change is announced. “I will not leave the port in this state when we have just obtained UNESCO classification”, justifies the mayor.

The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, who broke the news of the new project in the port, has gone as far as to tell the local press that it was the UN who “insisted the summit take place in the port”.

More than 20,000 delegates from around the world are expected to attend the event over four days. The new congress center, which is currently without an official name, is promising an auditorium larger in size than the former Salle Apollon at the Palais Acropolis with an increase to 2,400 seats.

In total, nearly 10,000m2 of space on the port is to be fully redeveloped. According to Estrosi, the financial burden of the project will fall almost entirely on the UN, which he claims will soak up 90% of costs.

Already a hub of activity with the tramway and buses transporting people to and from the port, various, bars, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses are situated around the port, along with of course, the yachts and fishing boats which all help make this an ideal tourist and local spot. Here’s a historical tidbit, the port, especially near the phare used to be a well-known gay cruising spot back in the day.

The city has been selected for this list for the quality of its landscape, the protection of its most beautiful buildings, the enhancement of its heritage, and the local lifestyle. Working on a tight deadline, it is hoped that Port Lympia will be redeveloped by 2025 in time for the UN One Ocean Summit.

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