Saturday, October 1, 2022

Winter 2022 Holiday Ski Rentals


If this past summer is any indication of how popular France is for travelers with tourism records being broken everywhere, then the holiday ski season this winter should continue to expand as we’ve had booking inquiries coming our way since early June for chalet rentals.

Preplanning is the name of the game in travel these days with those booking early then being able to relax and plan extracurricular activities to make the most out of their ski vacation in the Rhone Alps.

Naturally, we are used to last-minute inquiries coming in once the next holiday season is upon us but it is heartbreaking when a client waits to book an apartment or chalet rental only to find property stock has become very low (there are only so many homes out there), which means, less choice, and then the bidding wars begin meaning the rental rates then rise, leaving a lot of hopeful people scrambling to make alternative plans.

Ourselves and other agencies we work with experienced this a lot over the summer months this year, with late requests from visitors wanting the best villa rental options available, only to find whole locations were completely booked up or severely overpriced which makes negotiating a lower rate difficult when the demand is high.

And this is with our own expansive direct stock of homes and through the numerous property partners, we work with on a daily basis. Keep in mind, there are only so many rental properties available no matter the location.

It cannot be expressed enough that from the winter bookings already coming in this year, the ski season will be booming well into 2023.

Any trip planning comes with stressful moments, we want to alleviate as much of that as possible for you so the basics to come in with are, specific dates (give or take a day or two), number of guests, and most importantly a budget range you want to stay within.

We are fortunate to have in our portfolio almost 220 rental properties throughout the French Alps, including all the popular travel hotspots, and we also have more private and quiet hidden gems in other areas as well.

Our property collections are both modern and traditional in architectural design and are suitable for most anyone’s requirements. We have everything from 2 bedroom apartments close to the slopes to the grandest of luxury chalet rentals with indoor pools, fitness rooms, and even small nightclubs.

Whatever your budget allows for, we likely have it, just keep in mind that whatever is the best property deal to the public is usually the first to be completely booked, along with anything during the Christmas and New Years' season.

Connect with us today to book your ideal winter holiday property.

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