Thursday, September 1, 2022

The LGBTQ+ French Riviera Hub in France

For those people who haven╩╝t traveled to the French Riviera just yet. A question I most
commonly get asked when people are about to plan a trip here is, “where are all the gay establishments in your region?”

The region itself has seemingly only become known more as an LGBTQ+ travel destination option in about the last 10 years.

This was done not only by the guidance of many of us locals but with the help of a strong consistent promotional push by the tourism boards such as Nice Tourism, Cannes, and Monaco.

LGBTQ groups, individuals, and businesses come together to provide updates on regional changes and activities to keep everything as fresh and interesting as possible for LGBTQ+ people intending to travel to this most beautiful part of France.

To answer the question. It depends on what your particular interests are as there are a myriad of things to do both day and night but I would say Nice is the central hub of the LGBTQ community in the region.

The city of Nice has the most gay bars, nightclubs, cruising bars, and a large bathhouse to name a few types of establishments. Nice is also where everyone gathers for the Pink Parade (Pride) every summer and has its own LGBTQ centre where more information can be found.

The region itself is very safe and although there are no dedicated gay establishments in places such as Antibes, Cannes, Saint Tropez, or even Monte-Carlo just yet.

There are many
businesses in those place that at least promote themselves as being gay-friendly through events or even if it is a rainbow flag sticker on the door of their establishment. Apps like Scruff and Grindr can also be used as a type of guide.

One of the wonderful and encouraging things I love about the Cote d’Azur is how friendly and supportive the LGBTQ+ community are with each other and in welcoming others, no matter their sexual preference.

Its not unusual to find that almost every year a new LGBTQ business will open up or an association begins that brings more people together.

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