Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Revitalization of Cap d’Ail France

Located next to the Principality of Monaco, Cap d’Ail is popular with many people, whether they be on holiday or live in the area.

Not traditionally known as a LGBTQ travel destination, yet still definitely worth the visit. Cap d'Ail is peaceful seaside town has always been more laid back with a strong sense of community. The area is filled with historical estates, most still occupied and from a bygone era, while its quaint shops and restaurants are popular gathering spots for locals.

There is a sporty side to Cap d'Ail, with many people from all over coming here to take advantage of the hiking trails above town towards the Tete de Chien and the swimming at Plage Mala, the gay nude beach in St. Laurent Eze is only minutes away as well. So put those hookup apps to work, if that's what you are after.

Down towards the sea, you will come upon the Sentier du Littoral that offers outstanding sea views with a couple of beautiful restaurants to enjoy while taking in the scenery. The choice is yours on which direction you want to take on the footpath. By walking West, you will be led along the path to the famous Plage Mala; go East, and you will be strolling into Monaco. Either direction you choose, it’s a leisurely way of getting to know the coastline.

Like many that want to live in the Principality of Monaco but can’t afford the prices, Cap d’Ail has always been known as one of the best alternatives. If you are a local or on vacation, property rentals are of a good size and reasonably priced while within walking distance to all amenities.

Suppose you are looking for a real estate investment. Many people in Monaco tend to be looking for more space, and Cap d’Ail is usually one of the first places they consider due to the proximity to the Principality and the numerous established and new properties to choose from on the market. For example, a two-bedroom detached home can range from just over a million euros to some of the most breathtaking sea view properties available well over the 10 million euro mark. Usually, if you have a decent budget, you can find something that will suit your requirements.

Several revitalization programs are currently underway in Cap d’Ail to update accessibility and infrastructure to the area.

One of those upcoming private projects is in Cap d’Ail with the proposed Kempinski luxury hotel offering 130 rooms, located on the road to Marquet beach. Once administrative issues are complete, the project will be presented to residents and the press in February on the site. The permit is expected to be issued this summer, and work could start in the last part of 2022 for a period of two years. The ambitious project, located only 150 metres from the Principality, is expected to both transform and be a big draw to the neighborhood for the better.

The new Maritime shuttle, a joint project between Métropole and the Principality, is in its early stages. The first selection of candidates has been made, and they are expected to submit their proposals soon. If all goes according to plan, the new shuttle service may be ready by year-end.

As for traffic flow, the Beausoleil motorway exit is a project which should lighten traffic on the Moyenne Corniche. In addition, the Mayor of Cap-d’Ail, Xavier Beck, has recently proposed removing a line of thirty time-stamped parking spaces to create an additional entry and exit lane at the Exotic Garden roundabout, above the hospital. Construction should start at the end of the year. New speed cameras are also in the works, as they were supposed to be installed on the Moyenne Corniche last summer.

The Moyenne Corniche hopper has recently been a topic of discussion for commuters leaving the Principality in the morning and would save motorists between four and seven minutes to return to the Principality. But at the moment, the project is still under discussion.

Overall, Cap d'Ail is steeped in history and a wonderful place to discover during a holiday or if you are looking for a property investment.

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