Saturday, October 10, 2020

Gay Voyageur

Being in the luxury villa rental and real estate business for almost 10 years focusing mostly on properties here in the beautiful French Riviera and other parts of France. My company, Experience The French Riviera has always been open to meeting new clients from every type of background and nationality from anywhere around the world.

In fact, it’s one of the most exciting things, getting to meet new people on almost a daily basis, learning more about their lifestyle and customs that what will make a trip to France memorable.

With that, an individual’s sexuality has never been an issue, not with myself or any owners I work with, everyone deserves a holiday and why not have the most luxurious one imaginable. 

So late this summer, my fellow Canadian friend Danny of Gay Voyageur and I started discussing how we could showcase some of my villa rentals available to rent for those coming to this stunning part of France on his work website.

Gay Voyageur is a longstanding, reputable LGBTQ travel and information guide specifically geared towards community interests. And not only is it for those in Europe or planning on coming here, but the website also focuses on other parts of the globe as well such as Asia and North America.

Vacation rentals, nightclubs, beaches, sports, Pride events, relevant news items, are just a small number of informative items available through the Gay Voyageur website to help make your destination planning that much easier and effective no matter where you want to go.

Currently in my property portfolio we have well over 150 villas to choose from, so for this undertaking we have started with some of the best in the region and as time allows more villas will be added to the Gay Voyageur website. And not only will there be luxury villas, but also apartments in Paris and chalets for your ski holidays in the French Alps plus our other concierge services as well.

We all deserve a taste of the good life and one of the many ways clients can obtain such a sumptuous villa for a vacation is to travel as a group. This way you are together and have your own private space to do as you please in both a safe and secure environment considering the current Covid19 situation. Or, if you would like, feel free to rental a villa on your own or with your partner. 

There is a wide variety to choose from with many of the properties starting with three bedrooms going all the way up to 10-15 bedrooms. The locations also vary with many at seaside areas close to all amenities or even in the countryside as private retreats.

Most of the villas offer additional services such as cleaners, chef, car service and we can even provide private charter jet service through one of our partners. Whatever you require, if your budget allows for it, we can make it happen, just let us know what you require and when. Have a corporate or private event in mind? We can help with all your planning requirements. 
So be sure to refer to the Gay Voyageur website frequently for updated property listings from us at Experience The French Riviera. We want to provide you with ideal villa rental and all- around experience for your vacation or business trip in France!

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Danny Kronstrom said...

Merci pour l'excellent partenariat avec le Gay Voyageur. Un véritable plaisir de travailler avec le Gay French Riviera!