Sunday, July 19, 2020

Les Garcons in Villefranche-sur-Mer

Wondering through the historic and colorful pedestrian streets of Villefranche-sur-Mer, you are certain to come across a fantastic restaurant by the name of Les Garcons.

Situated in what appears to be its very own charming courtyard in front of the establishment, this is where you will find many of the patrons enjoying a meal and drinking wine with friends.

The atmosphere is casual and fun with an aura of romance as the sunset changes the hues of the building colors until you are basking in candlelight at your table. 
If you want an authentic feeling of France and Europe overall...this is the place to be.

As any of my friends will tell you, I’m not a foodie by any means but when you find something right, you tend to go back again and again.

Such as the case with Les Garcons, most recently in early July when business partners from London were in the area and without even a second thought we decided to meet where we have many times before at the restaurant. 

Each time we are here the experience is familiar yet different if you know what I mean. Les Garcons is one of those places that feels like family, friends and home...comfortable. Yet the ever-changing menu and remarkable selection of food and wine choices offers you something new every time.

The handsome staff are always attentive and fun to joke around with along with being very hardworking and knowledgeable about not only the food but what is happening locally.
The menu choices are very much in line with the season and local food sources, with only the best in fresh seafood and overall food ingredients used in their meal preparations.
You will be salivating over the menu selection and will definitely want to taste not only what you have selected but those you are with as well. It’s only fair to share and at Les Garcons and you definitely can with the portion sizes available, especially when it comes to dessert.
The restaurant can get busy especially at high season but if you arrive early enough or are willing to wait a short while, it is totally worth it. The courtyard seems to be the most popular area but at cooler times or for a bit more privacy, the restaurant itself is warm and inviting.

Les Garcons is the kind of place where if you eat there once, years later you will still be telling people about the fantastic meal and experience you had there.

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