Thursday, March 5, 2020

Les Thermes Sauna Masculin in Marseille

Exciting news came to the gay community in the city of Marseille a couple of months ago with the addition of the brand new Les Thermes Sauna Masculin!
After almost a year of top to bottom renovations, this expansive sauna has been reconfigured with more than 600m2 among three levels of play space.

Each area has been well thought out to offer you the maximum in socializing, cruising and adventurous hook up spots.

With a feeling of warmth, cleanliness and comfort, this is truly one of those places in Marseille where you can leave your cares behind.

Upon entering Les Thermes, you will be greeted by friendly and discreet employees putting you at ease as soon as you enter, especially if it is your first time in this type of establishment.

Totally soak in the atmosphere while meeting new friends at the bar or go for a swim in the large pool.

Around every corner in Les Thermes there is something new to experience and more men to meet.

Grab a quick shower and relax in the Hamman or Finnish Sauna. Close by you will find the extensive cruising area where most of the cabins are configured and they all offer something unique such a sling room, some cabins equipped with glory holes or even just private rooms. Whatever suits your pleasure.

If you have a kink you need worked out, head to the lower level of the club, otherwise known as the "Fetish Zone" with a large communal mattress, sling cabin and play room with porn video monitors.

Les Thermes is a great place to hang out and a must visit on your next trip to Marseille as the spacious new sauna has a rotating variety of themes day and night that always brings in the best crowd.

You'll definitely leave with a smile on your face!

Photos courtesy of Les Thermes Sauna Masculin

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