Thursday, March 28, 2019


A couple of weeks ago my partner and I were leaving a friend’s bar and noticed the AIDES Nice mobile medical unit van parked outside the front door.
Having seen this van at other LGBTQ venues and events, basically year round both day and night, we thought we’d chat with those working with the organization since we have known of their work in the community and although we knew the answer to our results, we thought it can’t hurt to get tested again to show support.
Outside of the van they had small banners set up and offered all kinds of health advice and free condoms. When they were ready, we each got tested separately inside the van in what feels like a clean, safe and totally discreet environment.
You answer a few questions; the staff member goes through all the procedures with you without judgement and is very professional and pleasant to talk to before, during and after the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) test.
These workers actually speak a number of languages, so if you had any questions, there is no need to hesitate and it all stays completely confidential.

The rapid diagnostic test they use is known by the brand name, HIV Combo Alere and it screens HIV1 and HIV2 infections from the previous six weeks or more.

This pack test the staff member did was extremely easy and even though it was well after midnight when they were offering this service for the location at the time, the people we met with at AIDES Nice could not be more welcoming and pleasant. At the end you get your results and they are noted on paper for your behalf.
We find this to be an exceptional and important service provided for free in the region, so if you happen to see one of the white AIDES mobile medical units at either an open event or business establishment, do yourself a favor and get tested.

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