Wednesday, September 21, 2016

ParadX Cannes

If you are visiting Cannes and seeking out a place for some man to man action you will quickly find that your options may be few and far between but there is one business where your urges may just be satisfied.

Paradx can offer you a safe space to meet someone and also buy any of those special sex novelty products such as fleshlights and fetish gear that you weren’t sure you wanted to go through the airport with on your way to the French Riviera.
Businesses like Paradx are very limited in the city and this one is regarded as the most popular, well managed, clean and very gay friendly. It is also only a few blocks away from the beach and the Promenade de la Croisette yet in a discreet residential type neighborhood so no need to worry about prying, judging eyes.

Open Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 8pm and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm, inside you will find cinema halls, slings, a backroom, glory holes….need we say more? There are also special theme events such as Naked Nights so check call and ask when these might take place.

This is the time to really put your personal app of choice to work while in town, whether it is Grindr, Scruff or even Tinder and set up a time to meet at Paradx to take it from there.

And if you happen to be attending the famous Cannes Film Festival there are special opening times daily from 2pm to 11pm, it just might be your chance to run into a closeted celebrity or two.

Play safe and have fun!

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