Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Le Choko

The party scene in the French Riviera just continues to grow with yet another new establishment having opened this spring by the name of Le Choko!
This new concept mix of before sushi restaurant bar and overall nightclub opened with much fanfare in April of 2015.
With weekends being the busiest so far, at Choko one can enjoy a delicious drink and some sushi on their outdoor terrace along the popular pedestrian path of rue Halevy, barely a block away from the main beach in Nice.
Once evening rolls in, the outdoor atmosphere moves inside to enjoy a night of top dance beats, tall drinks amongst a very chic international crowd!
Although not technically a gay bar…more on the straight side, Choko is still very gay-friendly and the place itself was at one time practically the only gay nightclub in town called ‘Le Klub’ which closed a number of years ago due to noise complaints, or so the story in the local media stated.

Le Klub was huge back in the day! Before the internet and by word of mouth, if you were new to town you just somehow heard through the grapevine that most anything goes when you hit that nightclub.

Alas, things change but with the opening of Choko (which hopefully got some soundproofing installed during renovation) and thanks to the open-minded owners, they to seem to have not forgotten about Le Klub and in fact are having their first ‘Remember Klub’ night later this month and you better believe the LGBT community will be out in attendance for that one!
Now that Choko has opened up and appears to be doing brisk business, perhaps once this first gay-friendly night takes place in June, they will continue and hold other monthly events.

Overall, Choko is a cool new nightspot to enjoy. It makes for a great change of scenery to hang out with friends and you don’t have to worry about being singled out if you are gay. As usual in the French Riviera, as long as you are having fun and part of the party, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Check out Choko for yourself!

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