Friday, May 30, 2014

Pop-Up French Riviera Gay Nightclubs

It’s that time of year again in the French Riviera!

When the sizzling summer heat can make you want to party all night, deep into the next morning, only to somehow make your way back home, grab your swimsuit and towel and restore yourself by hanging out at the beach all day.

And with the gay nightlife in the French Riviera comes the Pop-Up nightclub concept.  Not necessarily a new idea but when buying or building your own establishment is perhaps out of reach, people tend to utilize their network to still make an event happen.
In recent years the Pop-Up club has become increasingly popular as part of the gay nightlife in the French Riviera, more so it seems in Nice and Marseille.

They are produced by local promoters and DJ’s who use their brand name in the LGBT community to add that extra bit of spice to the evening, various events of this kind can even be found in what is normally considered a ‘straight’ local bar or nightclub.

These after-hours parties are always welcoming and usually have a free admittance or have a small nominal door fee of less than 10 euros which can include a free drink.

The events this past couple of months have been starting at 5am (after the regular clubs close) and sometimes not ending until 10am, so talk about pulling an all-nighter, this is it!

Right now the parties are usually held on long weekends and mid-week holidays and will likely increase at other locations throughout the French Riviera as the summer months proceed on.

Since the after-hours events can happen last minute, to keep updated just head to the Gay French Riviera Facebook page for daily updates on what is happening in the region.

Bring on summer!

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