Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jazz Rock Cafe - Top 50 Event

It’s easy to assume on a Sunday night that the party is over for the weekend.  Especially when the overall mood of a Sunday in Nice is usually that of a relaxing, calm and even reflective time in the city.

But if you are still geared up and want to keep the party going from the night before, then I’d suggest you have a disco nap during the day, and then head over to the Jazz Rock Café later that night to attend the weekly TOP 50 event!

You’ll need your rest beforehand as the Top 50 party gets going at midnight and doesn’t end until the sun is practically coming up.

The Jazz Rock Café holds a myriad of events weekly catering to all sorts of crowds.  The Top 50 event held on Sunday night is very popular in the LGBT community and everyone is welcome to attend!

Finding the Jazz Rock Café could not be easier.  Located on the edge of Vieux Nice, near Le Chateau and directly across from the beach is where you will find the club at: 73 Quai des Etats-Unis.

Inside you will find the space to be a mix of everything, initially you might expect it to be a restaurant but it is more of a bar/club type setting.  Once the drinks are flowing and the music is playing, it doesn’t seem to matter, and everyone is having fun!

The crowd is very diverse, and I would say in the age range of 20-40+, everyone seems to mix well here too, it doesn’t feel ‘cliquey” in any way.

Top 50 is usually a free event to attend, unless they are raising money at the door towards a good cause for a charitable association, and even then they are only asking for a minimum donation.  Don't be cheap!

Music wise, you’ll never know what to expect since every type of genre seems to be played.  From disco to pop, some techno to house, its always great music and the dance floor is always packed.   

There is also from what I understand a lesbian night that is held once a month, usually on a Friday from 10pm until 4am.  From what I’ve heard of the events, if I were a woman, I would totally be going to those parties!  They look like so much fun!


All in all, attending the Top 50 event at the Jazz Rock Café in Nice is a fantastic way to cap off the weekend!  I hope you don’t have any pressing plans Monday!

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