Sunday, October 23, 2011

Croisette Beach Hotel - Cannes

To me, Cannes has really come into its own over the years in terms of being a gay travel destination.  More gay bars and nightclubs have opened up, more gay-friendly restaurants and hotels, fantastic beaches, and who could dare question the shopping?

With that I would like to start off by mentioning a gay-friendly hotel that I very much recommend.

Croisette Beach Hotel in Cannes is situated in the heart of it all.  This four-star hotel has world class shopping practically at the doorstep, is certainly within walking distance to the gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs and it even has its own private beach and restaurant area.

Croisette Beach Hotel

As soon as you step into Croisette Beach Hotel you will feel at home in a natural yet cozy environment.  In keeping with this motif, you will find very approachable, friendly staff that is genuine in their hospitality towards everyone.

The hotel has 94 spacious rooms varying in size to suit your needs.  For those North Americans used to a "standard" hotel room size, and understanding that some European hotel rooms tend to be smaller, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that even the smallest suites in Croisette Beach Hotel are very much in keeping with a North American room size.

And each unit, regardless of size, is paired with newly remodeled, sleek and modern bathrooms.

Each room also has its own safe, minibar, wifi internet and plenty of closet space, without question you will find everything you need.

For the business-minded, there are also various meeting and reception rooms to help with all your business and social needs.

On my visit to the Croisette Beach Hotel, I noticed the staff were always busy cleaning, organizing or arranging something but yet also paying close attention to hotel guests needs.  The staff is dedicated to the work and for that reason; Croisette Beach is perpetually kept in immaculate order.

Depending on your choice of hotel room, you will find yourself either facing the street with the beach less than a block away, or you will face the beautiful inner courtyard with its true green spaces, trees and an ample lounge area set up by the pool.

The gorgeous pool and courtyard area are just off the hotel's bar and dining room on the main level and is one of the few hotels in the center of Cannes with its own pool.
That alone is a luxury.

Croisette Beach Hotel is easy to find.  If you are about midway down the Croisette, just look for rue du Canada and you will find the hotel at: 13 rue du Canada.

As if the hotel wasn't enough, at the end of the street right on the Croisette is the private Croisette Beach and Restaurant, where you will find the same great service from the hotel.

Here you can have a wonderful meal at the restaurant while you take in the glorious scenery yet also enjoy drinks while you catch a few rays of sun on your own private lounge chair at the beach area.

For a Four Star hotel situated where Croisette Beach is, you are going to find this is one of the best deals in Cannes.

A special Thank You to Olivier.

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