Friday, October 15, 2021

Cruising Bars for Cocktober

Well, not for just October but anytime of year is good for cock.

Here in the Cote d’Azur in France, we tend to enjoy all things hot, and that means not only in terms of our weather but also our local men and visitors alike.

As things get ever so slightly cooler here during the Autumn months in the French Riviera, this is the time when more of the heated activities take place inside. And what better than in one of the many enticing cruising bars in Nice, the city considered central to everything LGBTQ in the region.

10 rue Bonaparte - Nice
A very well-known cruising bar in the heart of the affectionately named “le petit Marais”, a nod to the gay Marais district in Paris. Strolling by in the early evenings, you’ll see a diverse mix of people enjoying an apero or two on the outdoor terrace who usually help set the tone for the night ahead.

Generally, between 10 pm and 11 pm is when the terrace closes and the heated action inside Malabar begins. Step into the bar area, where you can enjoy more drinks, listen to a local DJ, while all kinds of porn are on various surrounding screens in the closely-knit space while your eyes wander around the crowd of men all grouped together.

Any real action though tends to happen in the adjoining large cruising room, with its cubicles, slings, blackout room, and of course never-ending porn screens.

Eagle Nice
18 rue Emmanuel Philibert - Nice

One of the oldest cruising bars in Nice but still well regarded. Situated near the port, once you step inside, you are in another world. Here, it’s mainly the locals and a few tourists, enjoying a beer at the long bar and some action in the adjoining room filled with cubicles and discreet play areas. It can get down and dirty here so come prepared for anything.

Le 7
7 rue Foncet - Nice

What was once apparently the first cruising bar/theater in Nice was only a few years ago lovingly renovated with extreme care, keeping the characteristics of the historic details throughout, just with an added clean upgrade to the whole facilities.

The newly revamped club offers a cocktail lounge bar as you walk in and numerous levels to cruise the varied clientele base of men with lounges to relax, a porn theater, expansive blackout playrooms, and an extensive number of private rooms to take care of business with that special stranger you just met.

Le Code
4 rue Papon - Nice

A sexual play space set up for those that mean direct business. Offering various themed play nights for whatever you are into, whether that be fisting or piss action or just looking for a get-off with some new buddies.

Pay a nominal fee to come in at the entrance, once buzzed inside you will be in the lounge/bar area with a wet play space at the back.

Most of the hard-core action though happens on the lower level, where it’s definitely a tight squeeze but that’s kinda the point for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time cruising.

Here, you will find a small maze, gloryholes, porn lounge, and numerous slings for whatever sex adventures you can dream up, or just jump into the mix of those already in the throngs of it all around you.

3 rue Claudia - Nice
Last but not least, the extremely popular Morgan Hot Cruising Bar. Offering a variety of themed nights to tickle everyone’s fancy and without question one of the most fun, attitude-free establishments in Nice.

The Morgan Hot Cruising Bar is the place where being nude is overall the name of the game with every body type and nationality to be found.

Once you pay the nominal entrance fee, you will be given a tagged bag (and numbered wristband to wear) to place your clothes in after you strip down in the adjoining small room. When that’s sorted, step into the wide-open lounge area with a cocktail bar to relax and enjoy a drink and/or take a few steps up towards the back where there is another cozy lounge area where you might find an impromptu sex show taking place in front of you as anything can and will happen here.

Cruise the many playrooms with the ones most men gravitate to being the cubicle area with gloryholes and a sling room or the playroom in the back far corner with its circular vinyl bed where many an orgy takes place while others surround and watch, waiting for the chance to dive in on all the action.

Honestly, this place can get so busy, you will be squeezing your way through the halls filled with what feels like a forest of hard dicks slapping against your ass and thighs.

Whatever you are after, whatever you are into, you can expect a ton of fun at any of these safe cruising bars open year-round in Nice.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Revamp for the Cafe de Paris in Monte-Carlo Monaco!

For those familiar with the famous Cafe de Paris in Monte-Carlo, you will well know that it is a major hotspot for those of us into people watching and the spotting of luxury cars as they pass by the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo and Hôtel De Paris Monte-Carlo in Monaco.

Last week, a press conference was held at the Hotel Hermitage with deputy chairman of SBM Jean-Luc Biamonti noting a future reveal a spectacular project, although still somewhat under wraps, that would launch Cafe de Paris as a beacon hopefully leading us even more out of the “Covid era”, just in a slightly more dramatic fashion given the glamorous history of Monaco.

The exciting news, the Cafe de Paris is about to be completely revamped, though of course likely retaining much of its historical components.

The Cafe de Paris as many knows, is strategically located in Monaco and sits on a number of hidden gems that the new architectural plans will reveal as part of a splendid enhanced future for the icon.

Reportedly there will not just be the one brewing and dining facility but two new food premises. On the first floor of the current building, the terrace will be generously enlarged and enhanced to offer a panoramic view of the Place du Casino, which possibly means an even better opportunity for people watching and the chance to relax in even more beautiful surroundings.

The rear of the building, currently not frequented by customers at all, will offer shops with famous brands which means more shopping choices across from the likes of Chanel and Versace. The terraces will offer a splendid view of the garden bordered by Avenue des Spélugues, which is a true green space with spectacular potential. And the basement of the Café de Paris will be also redesigned, completing the overhaul.

The project, which has already been a year in the making at the planning stages, due to the size of this undertaking, with all the spaces being renovated at the same time, it has been suggested that it is going to take at least a year of work during which the Cafe de Paris will be closed.

The reported estimate of the newly revamped Cafe de Paris reopening is for June 2023 after 10 to 12 months of renovation, with the building permit is expected to be ready within approximately a month.

Stay tuned for more details.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

New Gay Beach at Eze-sur-Mer?!

It may be near the end of the season but here in the French Riviera, we locals milk summer for all its worth.

Of late, something curious has been happening. Gay gathering spots no matter where you travel do tend to change from time to time for whatever reason, but this summer something has been slowly taking place on the beach at Eze-sur-Mer.

For a bit of a change this season, and quite frankly, to try and find a beach without tons of people occupying it at the height of the summer months, either on my own and/or with various friends, we’ve been going to the beach in Eze-sur-Mer and over time, we began noticing, however subtly, an increase in the variety of gay men also going to this beach.

Without fail and for sure on the weekends, this new gay gathering beach spot is situated between Bono’s (of U2 fame) amber-colored villa and more so directly in front of the yellow villa to the west of his property.

Photos below taken early in the morning before the crowds...

Nothing untoward is taking place at this plage, and maybe it’s an instinctive comfort in numbers deal but it’s definitely becoming a new gay zone.

During the summer we started recognizing who we considered gay regulars to this part of the beach starting about mid-morning with the numbers increasing and then varying as the day goes on and on each visit, which was for the most part weekly for either myself or my friends.

Men of every age, body type, and nationality seem to be heading to this specific location, which also made us wonder if the more well-known St. Laurent-Eze gay nude beach has become too crowded with tourists given it is a smaller location. Or if this beach is just easier to access with the train station near the beach in the village?

Its obvious cruising is taking place - but only by knowing glances of possible interest to each other and then by an informal chat while sunbathing on the beach or swimming, or connected by Grindr or Scruff as you’ll notice men on their phones and then looking around for who’s close by, but for sure nothing sexual is taking place as the area is still very public and open.

And as with any gay gathering type spot, of course, there is no guarantee of men being around, especially during the winter months. Some days there would only be about 6 men enjoying a swim and time at the beach, some days there would easily be at least 20 men.

The nice thing too is there feels like there is no attitude, whether it’s the locals and/or visitors coming to this beach. I’ve found it easy to speak with those I’ve become familiar with and the same with friends of mine.

Next time you are in Eze-sur-Mer, check out the beach for yourself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

13e Festival de Cinema Queer de Nice (13th Queer Film Festival of Nice)

With the Covid19 health crisis still amongst us and in our thoughts, this year, there were questions of if the Queer Film Festival would even happen.

Thanks to vaccinations slowly on the rise, restrictions still lifted and the ever-handy TousAntiCovid App making it more possible for life to return to some sense of normalcy, the cinemas are open for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, and in full force, the 13th Queer Film Festival in Nice will take place from September 9-18, 2021!

With the diverse range of films for the festival both vast and impressive! There is certainly something for everyone with many new topics and issues available to pique the interest of many.

As always, the film festival is known for bringing the passions of the world of cinema and commitment to others to explore life’s sexuality and all it encompasses.

This year’s program has a lot of surprises in store for you with a retrospective + master class of one of our most talented filmmakers, Catherine Corsini, whose new film, La Fracture, the winner of the Queer Palm 2021, will be premiered.

There will also be a dance master class and a few photo exhibitions on "Corps (im)possibles" as seen by queer artists; along with an outstanding display of new films for everyone to appreciate.

Take advantage of this creative abundance for this year’s 13e Festival de Cinema Queer de Nice and book your tickets early.

The Queer Film Festival listings and events can be found here: