Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dolly Party 2019!

Also known as The Dolly Revolution, this exciting, charitable dance party gets underway this Friday, July 12th and is celebrating 50 years since Stonewall at the MAMAC in Nice.

This is one outdoor dance event not to be missed! Starting at 6pm and going on well past midnight with an array of bright, innovated DJ’s playing all the new mixes you want to hear providing the ultimate sound for everyone to enjoy.

You’ll know you are at the right place when you see the crowds all heading in the same direction on the edge of Vieux Nice while hearing the thumping dance beats in the background urging you to attend.

A highly anticipated event, the Dolly Party is a yearly summer gathering of love and acceptance that is produced by the Centre LGBT Cote d’Azur and helps raise much needed funds for yearly events and programs within the community.

The rules of the event are simple; The Dolly Revolution is a benevolent, non-judgemental and inclusive space where everyone can feel welcome.

Everyone is to respect the other person in their differences and choices.

Discriminatory and violent behaviors will not be tolerated.

Local bars and nightclubs will be in attendance provided a variety of drinks to freshen up and cool down with while you take to the massive outdoor dance floor.

If you want to catch the summer spirit and mix with the LGBTQI community and the tourists who happen to be visiting the city, the Dolly Party is the place to be!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Insta Bar in Nice

If you are in Nice this summer and are looking for a place to enjoy a drink with friends (or meet new ones)then make your way to Insta Bar!
Situated near the port, this cozy and dynamic restaurant and cocktail bar is a true hot spot for the locals year round offering a wonderful atmosphere and lounge that is always welcoming no matter your sexual preference.

Here you can not only enjoy some delicacies to nibble on but on special occasions and for sure every Sunday night, Insta Bar is the place to take in the best drag show in the city!
Every weekend the show is new, with the queens being totally interactive with the audience and a certainly makes for a fun night out. These drag stars pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining with a wide range of music choices, costumes and antics, you’ll never see the same show or drag star extraordinaire twice.
The show and times can vary (although Sunday nights are always a definite) so make sure to like the Insta Bar Facebook Page to keep updated as sometimes extra shows can also be added especially in the summer and it’s best to arrive early, relax with a drink and mingle with those around you before the show it about to begin.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, Insta Bar is very much Instagram worthy!

Photos courtesy of Insta Bar