Sunday, July 29, 2018

Pink Parade 2018!

As with every year in various parts of France, Pride is held at different times of the summer. This year, the Pink Parade in Nice takes place on Saturday, August 4, 2018.

Like the charms of France itself, what seems to make each of these Pride celebrations special is that they are community driven. The city of Nice for the Pink Parade is the central location for the weekend of events with those coming from as far away as Saint Tropez, Marseille, Paris and many other locations and countries.
Although it is not sponsored by big corporations like one might experience in other major centers around the world, the heart of the community can be seen in the joys on the faces of the thousands that attend every year.
Everyone this year will gather at the Square Head - Tête Carrée (pont Barla/St Jean-Baptiste) and between Rue Defly at 16H30 with the march starting at 17H. Basically just look for the crowds.

In Nice for the Pink Parade, everyone is welcome to join the short procession as one. Expect to see people of every age and gender with lots of colorful attire, music and smiles; it is simply one of the best atmospheres to be around.  

Shortly afterwards, at 19H there will be a free (and secure) ‘Pink Drink’ outdoor dance party at the MAMAC until midnight with various local DJ’s followed by an evening of entertainment and special events at all the various associations, bars, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the city.
A big thank you needs to go out to all the organizers who year after year still have to push for this important occasion to go forward, as in this day and age there is plenty of basic rights violations including assaults, discrimination, etc., all on a daily basis around the world.

And remember, beyond our differences there are our values. Freedom Equality Fraternity…It is not negotiable.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Monaco Red Cross Gala 2018

Something that everyone always looks forward to in the summer is one of the Principality of Monaco’s major summer events, the 69th edition of the Monaco Red Cross Gala.
This year it will take place on Friday, July 28 in the famous Salle des Etoiles concert hall of the Sporting Monte-Carlo. 
Members of the Royal family including, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, President of the Monaco Red Cross, and HSH Princess Charlene and other royal members will come together with around 650 elite guests who will be attending this gala ball for a great cause.
This particular Gala Ball has been focusing on Solidarity since 10th August 1948. This very glamorous gala will be attended by many celebrities, artists, sportsmen and women, politicians and business leaders giving their support to the initiatives carried out by the Monaco Red Cross throughout the year.
And this year, the special guest performer will be Seal, the British soul and dance music legend, will be performing live.

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