Sunday, November 8, 2015

Put A Ring On It

It has been a season and a half of events and weddings in the French Riviera! Never have I seen it so busy in the summer with all kinds of soirées leading into the autumn months with what seems like every gay and lesbian couple I know getting married.

At one point I was wondering, is there something in the water?!
But this is France, the place of romance and there is no better environment in which to get married than in the country of love!

Same-sex marriage has been legal in France since May 18, 2013 but there are still steps to consider before even arriving and thinking it can happen overnight (this isn’t Vegas after all) and in France they prefer to keep procedures in place, that is why if you plan on coming to France to get married it’s a must that you hire a certified wedding and events planner first.

The company that comes highly recommended in France is Sumptuous Events; based in Paris, the owner Jean Charles has an extensive company portfolio having arranged numerous luxurious events and weddings all over the country (and world), from historic estates to private seaside beaches.
On such an important day, you want everything arranged and done properly from the start and that is where Sumptuous Events can help, no matter the size of the wedding or any event you would like to have, budgets will be maintained and all those details you wish for will be made possible.
Having traveled around the world, Jean Charles is a certified consultant and degree-qualified events manager, along with being one of the first male wedding planners in France and also one of the first wedding and event planners in the country who also works with same-sex couples as his portfolio indicates. Without question, your needs for your day will be met intuitively.

Anyone who has read Gay French Riviera over the past few years or knows of my work in the French Riviera realizes I don’t just recommend anyone or any place unless I have experienced it myself and have done all the background checks.

It is also one of the reasons why my company has partnered with Sumptuous Events through Experience The French Riviera, to help provide you with these wonderful services in the region as we only work with the best that have a proven success record.
Think about it, the French Riviera! With our stunning landscapes and clear blue Mediterranean Sea, along with access to luxurious villas and yachts, secret beaches and hilltop vistas, there are but a few places around the world as enchanting as this beautiful region in which to hold your wedding.

With the help of Sumptuous Events, your special day and all that surrounds it will make for the most unique, memorable wedding day possible!
Photo credits: D-IP Photography, Le Secret D'Audrey

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pink Parade (Pride) 2015

If you can’t tell already by the lack of Gay French Riviera blog posts, it’s been a very busy summer here in the French Riviera.

The sunshine seems to bring out all sorts of energy and with that the abundance of activities and social events to attend all up and down the coast.  Beach parties, evening soirees, and this past weekend were filled with events pertaining to the Pink Parade that was held on Saturday.

People in the region always seem to be on the go day and night and Pride weekend was no exception.

As I have mentioned before in this blog, one of the things I love about the region the most is a community spirit can be found most anywhere in the Cote d’Azur and I have never seen it more so than in the LGBT community.
Pink Parade is what North Americans would refer to as Pride Weekend. Here, the parade itself and events are not heavily sponsored by corporate businesses, rather the community comes together, are well represented and does what they can to show their proud LGBT spirit and those who would normally be considered competitors business wise show unwavering support for one another.

I find that to be the case year round in the region though too, not just during Pink Parade.

What I really enjoy about the actual Pink Parade too is this isn’t a parade where you watch from the sidelines. You belong in the LGBT community so you have the choice to march along with the floats, even ride on them if you want with everyone else.

It’s very fulfilling to see people smiling, the music playing, flags waving, a real show of support and a great way to meet new people. Even tourists and people who live in the city of Nice seem to get caught up in the moment and stop to smile and watch everyone go by, I also saw many people join in along the parade route.

The Pink Parade could not be done without the support of everyone involved, from the local business owners, the LGBT Community Centre, Nice Tourisme and the City of Nice.

Thank you for bringing smiles to faces, and even letting us originally from North America feel like we belong and are welcomed.

Photo credits: William McEnough, Nice Matin

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