Sunday, April 26, 2015

In&Out 2015 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

It’s that time of year again in the French Riviera. Not only are many people preparing for the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival but it is also time for the 7th annual In&Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival taking place in both the cities of Nice and Cannes from April 30th to May 9th.

And the theme of this year’s festival is, “Coming Out!”

The perspective along this theme according to Benoît Arnulf, the organizer of the In&Out Film Festival, pertains to the gay and lesbian filmmakers themselves proudly being able to show their work as part of their lives (and others) and as part of their careers in hopes of being able to continually make this film genre more universally acceptable and appealing.

Just as anyone in their lives 'coming out' with the hopes of still being accepted.

There are 33 feature films and 3 short films at the festival this year and they come from all corners of the globe touching on a myriad of subjects with something to surely grab one’s attention.

Many of this year’s films are looking towards Eastern Europe with Canada and Italy being honored with a selection of best recent national productions.

The jury this year will be made up of those from the professional side of the film industry and queer artists with this is festival being a prime opportunity for enthusiasts of the LGBT film genre and those working in the industry to come together to support and network, along with the public.

For more information on the films being shown, dates and locations, simply click on the highlighted text here:

In&Out 2015 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Les Garçons Restaurant

Along the pedestrian streets of Vieux Nice you will come upon many different types of restaurants and cafes to choose from but one place you should not miss out on is Les Garçons.

Located in the heart of this colorful district in Nice, Les Garçons sets the tone with, “Relax, Eat, Enjoy” as their motto and nothing can be truer.

With an ever-changing menu and a fresh assortment of drinks…all very reasonably priced I might add, if you can’t decide where to go with friends and family last minute, this wonderful French restaurant is the place to be. 

Non-pretentious, in fact very comfortable, Les Garçons is the obvious choice with its menu of fresh and seasonal assortment of food choices. There is always something to please everyone’s taste palette.

Space tends to be tight in the historic Vieux Nice but it certainly doesn’t feel that way with the layout of Les Garçons in being very similar to what North American restaurants have started doing by having almost more of a communal experience with the tables close together, which is also a great way to meet new people.

And that also carries over to the very cool and moody lower lounge area where you can have a drink or two then set off for a night out.

Having opened this past June of 2014, not only does this restaurant have an urban, trendy look, it is also a quality establishment that has been a local hit since it first opened its doors with many people I know making weekly pilgrimages to the place.

If you are ever in Vieux Nice, be sure to seek out the Les Garçons Restaurant, you will be back for seconds.

Update: As of November 2021, Les Garcons Restaurant is now under new management with the name, La Raffinerie.