Friday, September 5, 2014

Club Le 7 Nice

The city of Nice has another new gay establishment! Or rather, an original one made new again.

Let me explain, the former Sauna Le 7 was locally known as the first gay sauna in Nice. From what I understand though, after so many years in business it was not exactly the hot spot it once was back in the day.

Now things have changed, and into something so much better!  Earlier this year the owner of Les Bains Douches took over the original Sauna Le 7, renovated and updated the establishment from top to bottom with a ton of extras and as of June 2014 opened as the new Club Le 7!

Care and attention have been made to the historical features of the new Club Le 7.

The high ceilings in the bar area with the roman columns, the wrought iron work in front of the glass doors next to the antique furnishings, and the unique tile work in what was the original swimming pool area (now a dance floor for customers and go-go boys), among other notable items.
Club Le 7 has a mix of everything one would want in a business such as this but what makes it unique in Nice is that it is the only place that offers both a European cruising bar and fully functioning late night bathhouse, just with more of an “at home” feel to it and with that, especially for a first time visitor…comes a tone of comfort, something you will definitely experience as soon as you walk inside.
At the front of the club is the perfectly lit bar area which is a great place to meet new people and have a drink, and because of the cruising bar atmosphere, you can take your drink with you through the back and hang out in the lounge area.

Everyone loves variety and Club Le 7 totally offers that with over three levels to explore. There is your choice of private cabins, dark play rooms, a steam room, dry sauna, showers, secure lockers, an art deco porn cinema room, and numerous other areas and features.

Club Le 7 is a great place if you are new to town and want to get to know those in the neighborhood as the place has caught on as the local hangout and the men here aren’t shy. Because of the intimate layout of the space it’s natural for everyone to make new friends.

Always super clean, the friendly Club Le 7 is located in the center of the city at: 7 rue Foncet and is open 7 nights a week from 7:30pm until 1pm.

Play safe and have fun!