Monday, February 18, 2013

Larvotto Beach Monte-Carlo Monaco

To say that Larvotto Beach in Monte-Carlo is popular would be an understatement.  This extended beach area is where most everyone that lives inside the principality and also some of those that live outside of Monaco come to enjoy their time at one of the four free public beaches and/or even at one of the five private beaches available.

Larvotto beach covers one square mile, which may sound like a lot but it is still one of the busiest beaches around with an abundance of activities to participate in such as volleyball and zumba classes, etc.  This is where people from all types of backgrounds easily and happily play and relax together at the beach. 
One of the many things I love about Larvotto Beach is the spotlessly clean, creamy, man-made sand that goes far into the depths of the water.  Having been to a lot of beaches in my life, right from my first visit I noticed the texture of this sand immediately.

It feels very soft and supple; the granules are not too big and not too small so your feet almost melt right into the sand which makes for an even more relaxing experience lying on it with only your towel or beach mat between you.
To get to Larvotto Beach, just walk along the seafront eastwards towards Italy, the beach starts on the other side of the Grimaldi Forum, if you wanted to take a bus catch the number 4 or 6 from the center of town.
The water at Larvotto Beach is perfectly warm and clear for swimming during the summer months, and you’ll also be surprised by the schools of fish that will swim next to you.  Jellyfish nets are in place around the beach but still be aware of the warnings anywhere in the Cote d’Azur about these tricky creatures.

There are a number of fantastic beach side restaurants around with very large outdoor terraces that also include their own private beach lounge areas that extend to the water’s edge; you will also find snack shops around for your convenience.

If you like to jet ski and go parachute towing, these services can be found on the far west side corner of the beach.
If cruising is your thing, I have found the luckiest area to cruise while at the beach to be the part of Larvotto closest to the Grimaldi Forum, in the area of the beach right off the ramp. 

For myself and from hearing of other friends experiences that have frequented this beach, phone numbers are usually exchanged and are done so very casually, yet discreetly and with a sense of decorum.  This may not be a gay beach but men do check each other out here and there seems to be someone to suit anyone’s taste.

Hit the beach and have fun!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Brasserie de Monaco

Brasserie de Monaco seems to garner a lot of attention in the main port of Monaco.

And rightly so, this establishment can be considered a bit of everything; restaurant, bar, lounge, nightclub and brewpub.

Yes, Brasserie de Monaco has its own brewpub directly on the premises and here you can get a tour of how the beer is produced and test a variety of their satisfying and complex-tasting blends available.

Brasserie de Monaco

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This is a great place to stop by for lunch on a sunny day in Monaco and relax on the terrace as you enjoy a cool fresh beer and feast on one of their delicious menu choices.

As evening descends you will feel the mood slowly change, the scene lights up, and everything seems to become even more chic and full of life as the jet setters congregate at Brasserie de Monaco.
You certainly can’t miss finding this place, it’s located very close to the Stade Nautique Rainier III public swimming pool at: 36 Route de la Piscine at Port Hercule.

Brasserie de Monaco is open daily from 11am - 3am, weekends until 5am with Happy Hour happening daily between 5pm-8pm.  Weekends also tend to be the busiest especially when one of the many international DJ’s is in attendance or when a live band is playing.

The outdoor terrace area is large and has a very clean Mediterranean feel to it; I actually find it nice out here on a beautiful day or when you want to cool down from all the action inside on a hot night.
The interior of Brasserie de Monaco has a very ultra-sleek look and feel; this is a perfect space to enjoy an active evening with friends, and meet new ones!

Side note:  Although this is not a gay business, it is very gay-friendly. I suggest the best time to meet others is when it is busiest like on the weekends and with the help of such phone apps as Grindr or GayRomeo.  Using a phone app seems to be the initial key to getting most anything together in the principality and it does happen. 

Having said that, gay or straight, just go out and have a fantastic time at Brasserie de Monaco!