Saturday, January 5, 2013


The Principality of Monaco has always been intriguing to me.  Beyond the bright essence of royalty, beyond loving the glitz and glam of the whole principality like nothing before, I find on every visit more and more of Monaco’s secrets become revealed.

There is just something about this place that makes one want to get the inside scoop, discover everything about it and believe me, once you arrive, you never want to leave.

Monaco is nothing but alluring, it is a beautiful, immaculate mini nation with a massive international list of people ready to mix and mingle.  I find everyone to be friendly and very quick to introduce you to whom they know.  I’ve been with people there from all walks of life getting along like they have been best friends for years; it just seems to come naturally and it can change everything for you.

For a country encompassing 490 acres bordering France and nearby Italy, a lot of life can be lived here and this is also one of the safest and most secure places in the world.   Spend even a couple of days in Monaco and you almost shudder to think of having to go back to that scary outside world.  Everything you want to do in Monaco, you want to do to the fullest extent.

As for the gay lifestyle, it’s not really spoken about, but it is most definitely there as any click on the Grindr app will tell you.  The beaches, shopping, restaurants and nightlife are all very gay friendly and I will let you in on what I keep discovering along the way as well.

Whether you are passing through for an hour or planning for a stay, no matter your budget, you are going to love everything Monaco has to offer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Le Couloir

In among all the nightclubs, saunas and restaurants to enjoy and explore is a quaint and quirky gay bar by the name of Le Couloir that has been a part of the LGBT community in Nice for over 20 years.

Le Couloir may not be on the map as much as some of the other more happening places around the city but it is still worth a visit to take in its history and perhaps get a break from the usual.

You’ll find that the patrons are from around the neighborhood and always seem to be willing to tell you more about what you should see and do in the city, along with letting you in on some of the local gossip.  The drinks are not that expensive and the friendly bartenders usually join in on the conversation with yourself and the others in the bar too.

Now that the gay scene in the French Riviera seems to be expanding year by year, and thankfully so, I like the idea of revisiting some of the old haunts once in a while to respect the history of such longstanding businesses.  Imagine if those walls could talk.

Le Couloir is a very unassuming bar that can be found at: 1 rue Alberti.

When you walk into Le Couloir, that’s the whole bar, expect dim lighting and a décor that is eclectic in taste.  No fuss, no bother, just a cute little place giving you no reason to rush but around for you to relax and enjoy.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, Le Couloir is the kind of bar where everyone seems to know one another yet new faces are more than welcome.