Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sparkle! Sparkle!

I love supporting new business ventures in the French Riviera, especially if they are so well suited to the lifestyle of the region.

If there is anything the world needs now its sparkle and thankfully, Corin, the owner of Sparkling Van is here to help!
Articulate, inspiring and motivated. Corin comes from a long and in-depth history in the hospitality industry and in speaking to him seaside in Villefranche-sur-Mer about his business, the Sparkling Van, one can’t help but feel energized with just how smart and positive he is with a high level of passionate in his work, just what is required by an entrepreneur these days.
The concept for the Sparkling Van did not happen overnight. He had the idea in mind, sketched out the design, found an automobile shop that could at least start to customize his plan but when it came down to it, as many discover with a personal project, it’s best to take care of the details yourself.
With that, after a number of months fine tuning, the Sparkling Van was ready to hit the streets!
Launched in early 2018, the Sparkling Van is a unique pop up traveling bar with sparkling wine on tap that is made from the same grapes that are used to create Prosecco. But that’s not all, with Corin’s extensive bartending background; any other cocktail drinks are made available at your request along with any number of his own fine blends.
What one will find the most impressive is the level of detailed care and knowledge when it comes to the Sparkling Van in how the clients are treated; right away you are acknowledged and immediately taken care of with your preference in drink tastes. You are left feeling special and remembered for the next time you are around, something in the hospitality world you rarely feel anymore. And who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with the vintage touches both on and around the Sparkling Van?  
It certainly didn’t take long for those of us in the French Riviera to notice the Sparkling Van zipping around the region to set up at various events, both at garden parties and seaside or even at corporate functions to liven things up and having this totally unique van has helped make many local weddings even more memorable…drinks can even be designed specifically to the request of the bride and groom...or groom and groom...bride and bride.
The next time you are having an event, you must consider the Sparkling Van, your guests will thank you for that and as one of the taglines for the Sparkling Van states…This Van runs on Love, Laughter & Sparkles! So let’s Sparkle together!!
Connect with Corin and his Sparkling Van team for any of your upcoming events!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The 71st Cannes Film Festival 2018!

There is a definite buzz this time of year in the French Riviera surrounding the upcoming 71st Cannes Film Festival that takes place May 8 to May 19, 2018!

Although preparations have been going on for months, you can still sense an awakening in the springtime air with those in the business community getting everything prepared for when this part of France goes up on the world stage.
The first annual Cannes Film Festival was set to start in the small resort fishing city back in 1939 but World War ll had put a quick stop to that idea. But in 1946, France’s government approved a revival of the Festival de Cannes as a means of luring tourists back to the French Riviera. So the festival finally began on September 20, 1946, and 18 nations were represented.
Though there were a few bumpy early years where the festival was cancelled for economic reasons, by the mid-fifties, the Festival International du Film de Cannes came to be regarded as the most prestigious film festival in the world.
And this is easily seen today by way of the global media on hand and those in the city enveloped in a community of renowned actors, producers, directors and every other profession of the film industry for the many glamorous film premieres, events and of course, to be seen on the steps of the Palais des Festivals’ famous red carpet.
The excitement continues this year for the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival with the stunningly talented, Oscar award-winning actress Cate Blanchett as the President of the Jury presiding over those hoping for the chance to win the much prized Palme D’Or award.
With my passion for everything French Riviera, my team and I work daily along with our 29 local business partners as part of a shared economy to bring those coming to the region the very best there is to offer so that you may have a truly authentic and wonderful experience, not only for the Cannes Film Festival, but any time of year.
Now, let’s get you here:

With this being the Cannes Film Festival, we work with Smart Aviation private charter jet services who are able to fly you and anyone else in your entourage from most any location around the world to either the Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport or the more discreet and even closer Cannes-Mandelieu Airport.
Also, since traffic tends to increase dramatically around Cannes for the film festival, we suggest our aviation specialists arrange for a quick helicopter charter either from the airports or even from your yacht charter or to one of our villa rental locations.
Private car service will be essential, especially if you need to get to any meetings or events safely not only in Cannes but throughout the surrounding areas. For this, you will definitely require an experienced chauffeur service such as our partners at AJM Touring.
Not only do the drivers know the region extremely well, AJM Touring will offer you the most realistic and reasonable quotes along with providing you with drivers that are trained in all aspects of safety and security, who will also stay with you throughout your journey and who can navigate where you need to go so that you arrive in a timely manner.
As for a place to stay for the Cannes Film Festival, time is of the essence and although it’s not unusual for our team to take last minute villa rental requests, so that you feel everything is well prepared, it’s best to book now so that you can arrive knowing your home away from home is fully supplied with all the essentials you require.

We have a wide selection of high-end properties available, not only in Cannes but also throughout the region including a number of private, off-market villas giving us in total access to almost 200 properties. Many of these properties will allow you to not only entertain during the film festival but they will also give you the privacy needed to relax and retreat.

All of our property rentals are price matched and fully insured so that you are protected and guaranteed and you will be provided with all the necessary legal documents required before your stay. Discretion assured.
If there is a property type you had in mind but don’t see on our website, just let us know. We can easily do a more extensive search in our portfolio and love the thrill of seeking out the perfect villa environment.

As for the parties during the Cannes Film Festival, there are certainly plenty to be found, and like the films presented, in every genre imaginable. This is the time to dress to impress and to definitely be on the VIP guest list.
If it’s happening, we have the direct access you need to obtain tickets to the various after parties, galas and charity events. This will definitely be the time to put those apps to use.
This will be your chance to mix and mingle with those on all levels of the A-List in the film and media industry, tickets for these sensational events do sell out quickly and the demand for tickets increases daily, especially during the Cannes Film Festival so connect with us for your head start on the selection.
Overall, we are always available for this much anticipated time of year with the Cannes Film Festival. We love getting to meet and work with people from every nationality around the world to take care of all their needs so that they may have a most pleasant and productive stay and to also truly Experience The French Riviera.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Monaco Grand Prix Experience!

Totally excited about the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix!

Annually this international event brings together not only sports fans to the Principality of Monaco but also those that wish to also socially soak in all glamour and acclaim that comes with the audience in attendance.

As an Agent for Amber Lounge Monaco, this is your opportunity to get the best direct access to all of the top events surrounding the Monaco Grand Prix!

Celebrating 15 years of exceptional service, Amber Lounge Monaco is the ultimate VIP lifestyle experience at Formula 1’s most exhilarating Grand Prix destinations.
It’s where guests celebrate the race weekend with F1 drivers, celebrities, royalty, sports and movie stars, making it perfect for networking opportunities.
Along with the list of events we have available throughout the weekend, we can also provide a two day race viewing package from the Amber Lounge Celebrity Yacht!
Experience the Grand Prix in true Monaco style from one of our luxury tri-deck yachts which offer unrivaled race viewing.

Over the course of the weekend, F1 Drivers come on board for exclusive interviews, hosted by international TV presenters with a guest Q&A, picture and autograph session.
And with our own real estate resources at Experience The French Riviera or the use of the Amber Lounge Hospitality Services who also have exceptional relationships with hotels throughout the Riviera, therefore the perfect accommodation access is directly available to suit your individual needs, including hotel rooms, yacht cabins, apartments and private villas.

This and so much more is available for the most memorable Grand Prix ever!
For detailed event listings, contact:

Serious inquiries only please.

(Photos courtesy of Amber Lounge Monaco)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cannes Film Festival 2018 Iconic Poster

To say we are ecstatic over the new official 2018 Cannes Film Festival poster would be an understatement!

From our team at Experience The French Riviera, we feel that love is what the world needs more of and this collectible and surely to become an iconic image that will be well regarded for years to come.

Annually, it is with high anticipation (and top secret) as to what image will be reflective not only throughout the upcoming Cannes Film Festival but will also be used in the media worldwide to showcase the weeks of films and events.

For only the second time in the history of the famous film festival, a Jean-Luc Godard movie has inspired the annual Cannes Film Festival poster and this year with an image from his 1965 romance/crime photo from the movie Pierrot Le Fou aptly titled ‘Stolen Kisses’.

Pierrot Le Fou is based on the 1962 novel Obsession and starred Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina. He’s a TV executive bored by his bourgeois Parisian life that then drops everything and runs off with an old girlfriend (Karina) who’s being chased by hitmen. They take off to the French Riviera via a traveling crime spree.
The last Jean-Luc Godard movie to inspire the Festival de Cannes poster was Contempt (Le M├ępris) in 2016.
The festival made mention today in the press conference that the poster featuring Belmondo and Karina is inspired by the work of Georges Pierre, the late still photographer who immortalized the shooting of over 100 films in a 30-year career that began in 1960 with Jacques Rivette, Alain Resnais and Louis Malle.

The poster itself is the work of graphic designer Flore Maquin, a known, passionate film buff who works with Europacorp, Universal Pictures, Wild Side and Arte along with Paramount Channel, revisiting or then creating alternatives for film posters. And this year’s poster and logos are created by Philippe Savoir of Filifox.

The Cannes Film Festival starts on May 8, 2018! If you still require a villa rental, yacht charter, private car service, charter jet, close protection or are interested in tickets to the VIP events that will be taking place during the festival, please connect with us at Experience The French Riviera: