Sunday, February 27, 2011

Castel Plage (Beach)

I adore Castel Plage.

Castel Plage in Nice is widely know as a very gay-friendly, private beach at the eastern end of the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels), you cannot miss this place.  This is where the see and be seen crowd goes to the beach; this is where all the jet setters visiting the city go to the beach.

I have friends obsessed with Castel Plage; they will literally be there from morning until night.  Everyone makes an appearance here.

I can’t blame them; Castel Plage is located in the most beautiful part of the beach snuggled up to the corner of Le Chateau.  The way it is situated at the end of the 7kms of city beachfront means it doesn’t get as much of the pounding surf along the pebbly beach.  This can sometimes make for the best swimming experience of the area in the warm, crystal clear water.

You will easily find this private beach by following the Promenade des Anglais towards Le Chateau.

Le Chateau is at the far end of the Baie des Anges.  When you see the barrel shaped part of the fortress on the corner, you’ll know you are headed the right way, just keep walking along the sea in the opposite direction of the airport.

Signs are posted along the seawall indicating which areas of the beach are public and which are private, usually the private ones are owned by major hotels.  You also can’t miss a private beach as they are usually the ones with restaurant tables and lounge chairs set up.

Castel Plage is open from May until late September; much of this will be subject to the weather, which for 300 days of the year is sunny.  If the weather has been good for a while, they will open earlier in the year, if the summer feels extended, they will stay open later into the year.  During that time they are open seven days a week from 9am-10pm.

Upon approaching Castel Plage you will see the various flags flying above the restaurant, included in those is the Rainbow flag. 

I also love the structure of the entrance to Castel Plage too, very unique to the rest of the entrances along the beach.  Here you will also see the price menu for what Castel Plage has to offer.

Remember, this is a private beach with it’s own restaurant and lounging areas.  For any private beach, expect to pay to rent a lounge chair on the beach; you will also not be able to bring your own food and beverages.  It’s easy enough to let time slip by basking in the sun and cooling down with a drink, but just be aware of the charges incurring.

People go to Castel Plage to relax and enjoy the day. It is a chic, private beach but it’s not so exclusive that you would worry about not fitting in and feeling comfortable.  Enjoy yourself too.

Castel Plage is beautifully set up; the atmosphere is that of relaxed elegance.
The staff is very gracious and attentive, the restaurant menu is always a pleasant surprise, the portions are just enough and drinks at the beach are always refreshing.

Castel Plage has been around for as long as I can remember, sure it’s luxurious but it’s also a great place to spend the day with friends and meet new ones.

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