Friday, February 1, 2013

Gay Nude Beach Monaco

Wanna hear a secret?  This past summer, quite by accident one day, I seem to have stumbled upon a gay, nude gathering place at a beach on the border of Monaco.

Walking along the beach trail towards Monaco from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin one afternoon, a jogger passed me by as I was descending some stairs; soon afterwards I see the jogger ahead of me on the lower landing stop then turn and make his way towards the beach area.

Thinking nothing of it, once I reach that same area, I looked over to see this jogger now completely nude and let’s just say not being shy about his intentions.  Given that it’s the French Riviera, nudity was not a surprise but his actions in this area on the border of Monaco were, but I shrugged and just kept to my walk ahead.  Within less than a minute, a couple of very good looking men passed me by coming from the direction of Monaco, I looked back and they too headed to the same area of the beach.

Although my curiosity was now awakened, I still kept to my walk.  When I was almost at the top of the stairs near La Différance Restaurant, three more men pass me by and again, these men also went to the same beach area.

This type of cruising was now too obvious to ignore and when I decided to venture back to the beach, the action was as suspected.

Things were making sense, anywhere else this might not be such a big deal but given that Monaco is supposed to be a predominately Catholic principality in which there are no gay bars or gay nightclubs, that doesn’t mean the party is not going to happen.  In my experiences in Monaco, gatherings are just done on a different, sometimes more thrilling level of decorum and resourcefulness.

Afterwards, any other time I have gone by this small, secluded beach area, it could be hit or miss, but it is worth a visit in the summer.  Even when I took these pictures in November 2012, there were a couple of guys enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

To get to this unnamed beach from Monaco, make your way east and go behind the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel towards La Différance Restaurant at the end of Sentier des Douaniers.  Look for the trail signage at the edge of the restaurant in what looks like a parking area.

Walk down the beach trail stairs, once you are at the lower level you will be on a long, flat landing, it’s in about the middle of the landing that you should look for any man-made trail towards the sea and within a minute you will be on the hidden beach.

There is plenty of green, lush vegetation amongst the trees for discreet encounters, just keep in mind this is still a public beach.  The beach itself is slightly rocky in areas but there are flatter spots to lie down and catch some rays and then go for a refreshing dip in the sea.

Have fun and play safe!

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