Friday, February 4, 2011

Heart - Nice

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love Nice and the surrounding French Riviera in France.

It truly has my heart.

I have been traveling to Nice since about 1992 when it became a part of my first big European trips and upon the suggestion of family and friends I was surrounded by while abroad.  

My family and friends were right, although I deeply love the whole of France, something has always intrigued me about the French Riviera.

There is a way the sun goes down at night and the heat of the streets surrounds oneself that just totally seduces me.  But there is also a way the sun wakes up the city in the morning that gives one the energy to explore absolutely everything.

I am never more confident, content and happy with myself than when I am in the French Riviera.

It makes me feel so alive and free.

Nice and the whole of the Riviera has a quiet yet exhilarating mystery of its own I've never quite experienced elsewhere.  It has a natural allure, it's a place where you can feel like you're living the high life and yet always find beautiful, hidden places for solitude if so needed.

For myself, it has and continues to make everything I've always wanted to try and do in my life there positively come true.  It is rich, luxurious, definitely sophisticated, and amazingly affordable.

With this blog I intend on supporting and promoting the LGBT community in the French Riviera, letting people know what's around to explore in Nice, at least from my own experiences.

So please feel free to follow my blog.  I will be starting with the basics upon arrival to the city and then listing, as often as I can, my recommendations in hotels, shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, saunas and a bunch more extras that I hope you will explore and give me your feedback on as well. 


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