Thursday, October 18, 2012

The New Cancan

It’s been awhile since I have been to a nightclub where there is such a diverse group of people in attendance, but it seems I had found just that the night I went out with a group of friends to The New Cancan nightclub in Marseille.

Heading inside the club, I just expected it to be like any other nightclub around, and to an extent it is, I have just never seen so many cool groups of people of every background all having a great time.

It was a pleasant surprise, it was like anything goes.

There was the go-go boys, punks, fashionista crowd, leather groups, hip-hop, rockabilly, and drag queens… a total scene!  With people of all ages, looks and desires, that just means more choice and there was certainly no lack of it here.  It really confirmed it for me that Marseille really is a true melting pot of cultures.

The New Cancan is a large club, in fact it takes up three street addresses, 3, 5 & 7 of rue Sénac.  It has a roomy entrance and coat check area that then leads you up a few stairs to the main bar, lounge and dance floor location.

The staff is cute as hell, the service is quick and the drinks seemed to be of average price.  The DJ spinning the night we went was playing fantastic music, total pumping beats, and the dance floor was packed the whole time we were at the club.

There is something else interesting about The New Cancan this club, in the lower level is a dark room play area that is nothing but huge.  My only caution is to be careful when first entering the area as when I mention it is a dark room, it is pitch black dark.

One way to find it is to head down the stairs between the main bar and the coat check area, and at the bottom of the stairs you will see the men’s bathroom entrance but instead of turning right in there, head towards the darkness, and really take your time finding your way around.  Your eyes will eventually adjust to the surroundings.

There is an exit at the other end of this blackout area that leads you up the spiral staircase to the smoking room section that is back on the main floor of the club found close to the lounge area.  For safety reasons, women aren’t allowed in this part of the club.

The New Cancan discothèque is very easy to find, just follow the main avenue of La Canebière in the direction away from the main port area and on your right you will find the nightclub at: 7, rue Sénac de Meilhan:

They are closed Monday to Wednesday but otherwise the hours of operation are as follows:

Thursday 11:30pm – 5:00am
Friday 11:30pm - 6:00am
Saturday 11:30pm - 7:00am
Sunday 11:30pm - 5:00am

If you are in Marseille, make a night of it and head to The New Cancan, with a variety of events going on, you are certainly going to find plenty to like about this nightclub.

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