Sunday, October 14, 2012

Le Métropole Bar- Brasserie

One evening after having a delicious meal with friends, we were in the main port area of Marseille when it was suggested we all head to Le Métropole which is known as a very gay-friendly bar/brasserie to have some drinks.  Not being one to say no to a social gathering, I happily went along with everyone else.

As soon as we turned the corner on to Place Gabriel Péri, you could tell this was the spot to be, Le Métropole Bar – Brasserie had all the makings of a ‘before’ club event judging by the beautiful and stylish crowd that was in attendance.

In fact there was a special club event happening there that night, The Glam Sound Party, and let me tell you, I am still trying to hunt down the DJ’s podcast from that night, the music that was played totally set the tone for the whole evening

People were gathered outside, either sitting at tables or even standing and chatting with friends.  Inside the party continued on;  men, women, gay, straight, bisexual…no one cared, everyone mingled around, and some were even dancing at the back near the bar.

Le Métropole to me felt decent in size and has a very modern look in its overall design; it also seems to fit in well in this, one of the main shopping and hotel areas of the city.

I loved the mood of the place, I found the people to be very friendly, smiling and quickly introducing themselves to one another.  Le Métropole was busy, the staff was totally running off their feet, drinks were reasonably priced and they take their time mixing them, they weren’t just throwing these drinks together, each one seemed treated like a work of art with garnishes, etc.

It was such a good time that we almost lost track of time as we were there that long and still had other clubs we wanted to check out that night.

Le Métropole Bar- Brasserie is located steps from the port at: 2, Place Gabriel Péri

I understand they are open Monday – Saturday, from 7:00am onwards.  My only regret is that I did not have enough time on this trip to try one of Le Métropole’s meals but from the reviews I hear from friends, they tell me that the food is nothing but fresh and the portions are of good value for the money.
I know I will be back.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Art Fotograf
Thank you: The Glam Sound Party

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