Saturday, August 4, 2012


From all the years of being a part of the French Riviera, I’m surprised I have never really explored Juan-les-Pins, a small city along the sea that can easily be found and accessed between Nice and Cannes.  I used to pass by it on the train a million times and would sometimes think of stopping in and venturing around but of course every excuse would come up as to why I couldn’t make the time.


The other night though a friend suggested that we go into Juan-les-Pins and she would show me where she used to live and we’d wonder around and go for drinks and a meal somewhere.
As we were entering the area I was in love with what I was seeing right away, the quaint shops, lively people, the way the tall palm trees stood and lined the streets next to the buildings, it all seemed very alive and filled with spirit.
Because I am so in love and obsessed with the French Riviera, I seemed to know exactly where we were going just from having looked at Google maps once or twice months beforehand when I was trying to find out more information about a hotel I was told about.
If it was that easy for me, I’m sure it will be easy for you to get around.  If you happen to be going by train, I would suggest that once you arrive and exit the Juan-les-pins train station, turn right, and keep going straight towards the sea a few blocks away and this will help you get your bearings.  
Really take the time to follow along the waterfront, you can even jump in the sea to cool down and have a swim and then continue to venture into the side streets to see even more interesting shops, restaurants, bars, etc.
And then do yourself a favor and stop into one of the seaside beach restaurants to enjoy a meal and meet the locals, it’s not unusual for the people at the next table to start up conversations with you, this area doesn’t feel big city and you’ll notice everyone seems to know one another to some extent.
Another thing that can’t help but be noticed is the amount of amazingly beautiful men, especially those on the beach or working at the beach restaurants.  No steroids here, but all natural, tight beauty.   Your head will not be able to stop spinning around to get a good look.
We happened to arrive by car a couple of hours before sunset.  A truly delicious time of day, people are still swimming in the sea, shopping and slowly making their plans for the night.  It was so cool to see people out and enjoying themselves and then as though there is a magic hour, another set of people were arriving, well dressed and off to their favorite spot for dinner.  It seemed so easy to meet new people from all parts of the world; you’ll feel as though you have been living in Juan-les-Pins for years!

All I have to say is, after my first full evening in Juan-les-Pins, I have a feeling I will be spending a lot more time there, and in fact I know I will be.

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