Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Malabar Station Cruising Bar

It seems everywhere I go throughout Nice I come across these cool-looking club flyers for a gay cruising bar by the name of Malabar Station.

Since I love checking out places that I haven’t been to before and am always up for an adventure, I thought I would see what Malabar Station was all about and I’m glad I did!

Malabar Station can be found at: 10 rue Bonaparte, in the area of Nice near the port that the LGBT community has affectionately called, “le petit Marais”.

One way to get to Malabar Station is to take the tram towards Place Garibaldi and step off at Garibaldi Station.  Walk from there through the square towards the port to rue Cassini.  Once on rue Cassini, you will immediately notice the street will fork: to the left is rue Bonaparte, stay on the right side of that street and you will come upon the club about three minutes away.

Although the building itself is very unassuming on the outside, what goes on inside is a whole different story.

Walking into Malabar Station you will notice immediately that this is a very popular establishment filled by a variety of patrons laughing and enjoying reasonably priced drinks served by some very sexy bartenders.

The initial bar area itself may not be huge, but that doesn’t seem to bother the customers.  In fact, when one of their many types of events is taking place, such as their underwear parties, the tight squeeze just makes it all that much more fun.

But if you wanted to know where the real action takes place, after all, Malabar Station is a cruising bar; you’re going to want to venture through one of the two darkened doorways on the opposite side of the room.

Without going into too many details, this is the area where you can meet that person who perhaps has caught your eye in the club.

Venturing through this part of the establishment, you’ll notice it is much bigger than the main bar area and also quieter.  Since this section is purposely dimly lit, it may take a moment for your eyes to adjust but is exciting to explore throughout with the other patrons.

Within it you will find slings, glory holes, small cabins and porn.  And not to worry, this part of Malabar Station is just as safe and fun as the bar.

Malabar Station is open every night of the week until 2:30am; I suggest you head down one evening to see for yourself where the night takes you.

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