Friday, April 29, 2011

La Civette du Cours

La Civette du Cours has quietly become one of the LGBT community’s best places to relax, eat, drink with friends and watch the world go by.

Walking through the market area of Vieux Nice, you will come across restaurant after restaurant serving all types of food and drinks both inside and outside their establishments, all wonderful.

At La Civette du Cours you will notice something different though, it is not so filled with tourists, although it is in an ideal location, it seems filled more with the locals, table after table of gorgeous LGBT locals.

I found myself naturally drawn to the place.

To find La Civette du Cours, go to the heart of the food and flower market area of Vieux Nice, the market is a very popular tourist area of the city near the sea.  You can even just follow the crowds, stay on the north side of the market and you will come across the brasserie at: 1 Cours Saleya.

I had the chance to take a lesbian couple I know that had just arrived into Nice for the first time that afternoon from Canada to La Civette du Cours.  At first to help them get their bearings I took them for a walk to the beach from their hotel, and then we went into Vieux Nice and directly to La Civette du Cours.

They loved it instantly!  They were able to relax, we had a couple of drinks, the food was fantastic, as was the service, and they loved being surrounded by the beautiful buildings and people.  They thought it was the best atmosphere to sit back and 'people watch', I recall them saying it set the tone for their trip.

The moderately priced menu at La Civette du Cours offers a full range of choices so it’s easy to find something you might be hungry for: sandwiches, bruschetta, fries, and salads and there are plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.

During the week, La Civette du Cours are open from noon until 1am, Friday and Saturday they stay open until 2am.

La Civette du Cours is great anytime you decide to go.

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