Friday, January 11, 2013

The Monaco Public Transit System

Making your way around the Principality of Monaco using the public transit system is relatively easy.

If you are arriving to Monaco by train, it is only about a 15 minute ride east of Nice and about a 10-15 minute train ride west of the France/Italian border coming through Menton.

Just before arrival, an announcement will be made once the train is about to stop inside the Monaco Train Station, you will know when you are at the platform because of all the light bulbs on the curved ceiling seem like stars in the sky.

Gare de Monaco

Gare de Monaco is one very clean and very efficient train station that is a cinch to navigate.  If this is your first time in Monaco and you have no set destinations while there, just take any one of the three exits.

Two of the platform level exits lead out near the port and if you choose to see the upper areas of Monte-Carlo Monaco, then take the escalators at the end of the platform, follow the crowds through the passenger area with the small shops and past the vending machines to the elevators that will take you up to the higher levels of Monaco. 

Once out of the train station, if you decide to take a bus to your destination, there are five bus routes in Monaco, all operated by Cie des Autobus de Monaco (CAM).


There is no main bus station but there are 143 bus stops through the Principality.  Considering Monaco only has an area just under two kilometers, finding a bus and figuring out where they go will not be a problem, everything is straightforward and clearly marked.

If taxis are one way you want to get around, they are also readily available, usually outside any large hotel and around the main port.

If you want to cut across Port Hercule instead of making your way around it, then catch the bateau bus (bus boat), they are solar electric powered and make trips every ten minutes. They cross from the cruise ship Terminal to Quai Kennedy - Digue Sud, daily 8am to 8pm, tickets can be bought on board.

Have you ever had a helicopter ride?  Treat yourself and take in some of the most breathtaking scenery of your life, well worth the experience and flights leave right from the heart of the principality.

Heli Air Monaco


Monte Carlo - Monaco is one of the smallest cities in the world in terms of area so walking and taking in the surroundings of the many major tourist attractions, shopping centers, bars, restaurants and international hotels are all within reach.

With Monaco being built on different levels, if walking you’ll come across public passage ways that will lead you to elevators that can take you a street or two closer to your destination, just look for the public access signage.

I have used all these modes of public transit system in the past in Monaco without problem.  I hope these hints on how to get around the Principality of Monaco can help you with your visit.

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