Friday, December 7, 2012

The Garden Organic Bar & Club

Nice has such a vibrant nightlife, it’s great to have the choice every weekend of going from nightclub to nightclub in the early morning hours to check out all of the events happening around the scene.  Now there is one more option in the LGBT community to add even more spice to your social life, and that place would be The Garden Organic Bar & Club!

The Garden Bar & Club

Opened in October 2012, The Garden is off to a rousing start!  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the opening night and the place was packed and continues to be weekend after weekend.

Located in central Nice, the club is situated at: 18 Rue du Congrès.

The Garden is ideal in the way it is set up, not too large, yet not cramped for space.  The layout makes it very easy navigate…and for having some fun in a darkened corner with someone special.

Once you enter The Garden and are greeted by the staff, go past the coat check and take the few stairs down to get completely inside the club.

The main area is dominated by a large bar in the center of the club.  This means no matter which end of the club you are in, there is enough room for everyone to easily get a drink from one of the very stylish and sexy male or female bar staff members.  You’ll find the staff are quick on the mark and no matter how busy they are, you always get service with a smile.

The seating options throughout the space are well suited for you and your group of friends and there are the more intimate options available for yourself and your lucky significant other.

At the far end of the club you will find the DJ booth next to the dance floor with even more seating at the back.  Be warned though if you are in that part of the club, the variety of DJ’s and dance music being played will certainly get you out on the floor!  You will hear new mixes being played with dance club hits from days gone by that you had totally forgotten about, it all makes for the perfect blend!

The crew at The Garden have been doing an excellent job of keeping everyone coming back with fresh ideas on a variety of themed nights.  There are plenty of beautiful (yet approachable) people for not only the men, but the women as well.  In the summer months, I would expect to see the side garden bar and lounge next to the building available for refreshing cocktails in a relaxing and sociable environment.

If it’s your first time in Nice and you are wondering where to get the night going or better yet make a whole evening out of it, then The Garden is for you, my friends and I have had a great time on every visit and will continue to make it one of our top choices in nightclubs in the city!

Photo & Video Credit: The Garden

UPDATE: The Garden Club closed in late 2013 and re-opened in 2014 under the name GClub. Find the article in the archive under March 2015.

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