Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sauna du Château

Bathhouses have been around since ancient times; the Romans were famous for them.  So it’s amusing to me how many people I come across that claim they have never been to a bathhouse, yet when they take me aside, I end up finding out they have been and love it or are very intrigued and want to know more about them.

Usually these establishments (if properly managed) are a much safer alternative than perhaps bringing someone home that you just met at a bar or nightclub.

The people that operate Sauna du Château in Nice are, to me, in the group that considers every aspect of how their business should operate.  Sauna du Château is a safe, fun and very clean establishment.

Situated at the edge of Vieux Nice, on the side closest to the sea is Sauna du Château at: 17 rue des Ponchettes

This sauna is very easy to find, it’s just outside the touristy areas of Vieux Nice on a quiet, more residential street where it would be very easy to go unnoticed if discretion is a concern for you.

Noting the outside of the building, one would be very surprised by how big the space is inside.  I assumed because of the way the entrance looked from the street that it might be small and cramped inside.  That wasn’t the case at all.

But before I go any further, I should let you know that Sauna du Château is considered to be more of a mixed couple sauna.  If you happen to be a gay, you are still more than welcome.  Just don’t be surprised if you also see a woman in a towel.

Entering Sauna du Château, I could tell the place was buzzing, the staff was very busy making sure everything was ok and I noticed the customers came in every shape and size.

I felt very comfortable right away and any questions I had, the staff was there to help.  It felt like a great place to relax and get away from the outside world for a little while.

Sauna du Chateau

As it turns out, Sauna du Château is actually a big space! I was surprised how far back it went and is laid out over three different levels covering about 5400 square feet!
Who knew?!

The sauna itself is well lit, with very flattering, soothing lightly in most areas, everything seemed in place and the cleanliness was top notch.

There are small rooms in which to meet up, but also general relaxing areas.  Along with a generous steam room, infrared sauna, dry sauna, large Jacuzzi and even a small pool area, all within an uniquely designed space.

Something else that is a bonus, professional massages are available for a low additional price, just make arrangements with the staff at the front area of the club.

Even though Sauna du Château leans more towards being a straight couple type of bathhouse, if you are comfortable enough, fun can still be had here, to what degree you take that is of course up to you.

Sauna du Château is open seven days a week from 1pm to 9pm, on Sundays until midnight.

Take the plunge and play safe!

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